Hi! Bonita here, owner of I Wear A Bow. I take over of this page in my writing style so it will be easier to explain (´ ∀ ` *).

I Wear A Bow believe that you have the right of how your clothes is made. Therefore we try to explain our production process here in a simple way. If you have any questions regarding our production process, feel free to contact us. I also try to share some insight of our production, something like behind the scenes, on our social media. Okay, here we go!


I’m the only one involved in this process. This process including searching for inspirations, brainstorming, and sketching.


I hunt the fabric and accessories by myself on local store. Mostly offline. I only buy online (still local) if I already know the feel of the fabric/accessories. Sometimes there are workshops (that cooperates with us) which provide the materials by themselves (fabric or accessories). I will agree to use their provided materials if I already know what kind of materials are those.


After the designs are finished and I already have the materials, I will make sample by myself or outsource local services to make sample. They are local home based sewing professional or small workshop.


For clothing, this process is also done either by myself (if the quantity is very very limited) or by local home based sewing professional or local small workshop that I agree to cooperate with. They are not big factories, so the process is still considered handmade by them. We produce in a small scales. We have goals that we will have our own workshop in the future.

For accessories, is 100% handmade by me.


If it’s handmade by me, I do this all by myself. If it’s from another sewing professional or small workshop that cooperates with me, they actually do this process before they give the clothes to me. But I do it all over again after I get the clothes to make sure the quality, because sometimes they miss here and there. I will also check the product again before I send it to you.

So that’s all! If you have any other questions regarding this topic, feel free to contact me anywhere between social media message, email, or live chat. All contact information is available at footer section.

Have a wonderful day!