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A collection that is inspired by the beauty of Mother Earth’s color palette. Each item carries a verse from A Letter to Mother Earth. Can you gather and arrange them to make a full letter?

cute kawaii baby pink floral dress with white pointy collar, hime kei style, red velvet ribbon, sleeveless, harajuku, otome kei, gyaru
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"Mother Earth. You are that place. You are my home." - A Letter to Mother Earth

Baby pink floral dress with collar.
  • Floral print.
  • White pointy collar.
  • Sleveless.
  • Lace detail.
  • Pearl shaped buttons (not for dress opening).
  • Invisible zipper on the back (for opening).
  • Back elastic waist.
  • Free red velvet ribbon pin.
*read below for more description
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white babydoll lace up top iwearabow earth collection cute kawaii lace mori kei blouse
The Fool’s Hope

"I hope you will last forever. Even though I won't. I know, maybe that's a silly request. No, it's a hope. Even though maybe it won't happen." - A Letter to Mother Earth

Cute white babydoll lace up top.
  • lace up with satin ribbon
  • lace detail at the bottom and the lace up part
  • sleeveless babydoll cut
  • the top part is lined
  • button on the back for neckline opening.
*read more below for more description
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