Payment methods available:

  1. BCA bank Transfer: for Indonesian customer only. We use BCA for our bank account.
  2. Credit card (VISA / MasterCard): for international customer. Indonesian customer can use this as well.
  3. Alfamart: pay via Alfamart inconvenience store nearby.
  4. DOKU wallet: if you have DOKU wallet, you can use this for payment.
  5. PayPal: Please email us first if you want to use this payment method. We will make an invoice for you through PayPal.

You have 48 hours to make your payment since your checkout. Otherwise we will cancel your order and won’t process it.


  1. We will process your order in 1-5 working days (Monday-Friday) after your payment has been verified, and then we will ship it to your choice of shipping service. There is no delivery on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays.
  2. We will ship “same day” delivery on the same day, as long as your payment has been verified before 10AM. Otherwise, we will ship it on the next day.
  3. We will send your tracking number to your email after we ship your order. If you haven’t received it, please check your spam folder.
  4. Please be aware of your country tax if there’s any. We do not responsible to pay your country tax.

Shipping options:

Indonesia (click the option below for more information)

  1. JNE
  2. J&T (jet)


  1. Pos Surat RLN: max 3kg. 6-10 business days estimated delivery time.
  2. Pos EMS: max 100kg. 3-5 business days estimated delivery time.
  3. Pos Paketpos Cepat LN: max 30kg. 6-10 business days estimated delivery time.
  4. Pos Paketpos Biasa LN: max 30kg. 30-90 business days estimated delivery time.

Those information are from the shipping service website. We are not responsible for your order arrival time. Delivery time can be vary between services. As far as our experience, the delivery time are just estimation. It can be varied by how far your address as well. For Indonesian shipping, we suggest you to expect 3-7 business days delivery time. For international shipping, expect 21-30 business days delivery time.