We want to extend the lifespan of your clothes as best as we can, in hope to reduce the amount of waste in environment. Hence this service is available to you, hoping that people will choose to repair their clothes instead throwing them away to the landfill.

This service is free.


  • The item must be from our brand (I Wear A Bow). Proof of buying our item is not necessary. Whether you bought it or got it from someone or somewhere, as long as it’s from our brand, we will accept it. We are sorry that we couldn’t accept to repair other brand item for now, because of our limitations.
  • The item has damaged condition (small or not) to be repaired. We don’t accept a perfectly fine item to be repaired or exchanged.


  • Contact us here and tell us the condition about your item. Send us photos of your item condition and proof that it’s from our brand (we can tell from the clothing brand label or wash care label, or the overall item design).
  • We will inform you about whether we are able to repair your item or not.
  • If we inform that we are able to repair, then we will inform again of how we will repair it (example: sew back the teared seams, change the button, etc.)
  • If we inform that we are unable to repair the damage (because of our limitations), we will inform you that we will give you a 10% coupon to shop on our website in exchange of your item returned to us. Yes, return it to us, to prevent intentional damage just to get a coupon.
  • If we have agreement, then you can send the item to us. All shipping costs are your responsibility. Please use trackable shipping service and give us the tracking number. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your item.
  • After we receive your item, we will repair it in 1-28 of working days.
  • If the item has been fixed, we will send it back to you. All shipping costs are your responsibility.