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diy pom pom hair accessories

diy pom pom hair accessories

Hi! For a follow-through of my last post of pom pom hairstyles, now I want to share how I made pom pom hair accessories that I wore!

It’s really easy! I think this is easier than the one with yarn. Even though this one need a sewing method. But the easiest basic one, running stitch! And maybe because I just don’t like how messy the excess cut of yarn when I made a yarn pom-pom. This one actually has that messiness too. When I cut the fur fabric, the fur is everywhere. But it’s less messy, I think. I think.

Let’s start!

DIY Pom Pom Materials

What you’ll need:

Disclosure: I make a commission for purchases made through the link to that is linked on my material list 🙂

Fur fabric
Needle and threads
✹ Something with a circle shape and marker for tracing
Pillow stuffing
Hair ties, hair clips, etc.
✹ A little bit of felt
Hot glue
✹ All purpose glue

DIY Pom Pom Tutorial Steps

diy pom pom hair accessories tutorial

1. Trace a circle shape (like the mouth of bowl) to your fur fabric. Then cut it.

2. After that, sew around the edges with running stitch.

3. Pull the thread until the fabric form a half ball shape. Then fill it with pillow stuffing.

4. After that, pull the thread again until it closed and form a ball. Then stitch back and forth to secure it, and make a knot.

Now we have our pom pom!

5. Glue hair tie to this pom pom with hot glue. And then cut a piece of felt, and spread all purpose glue on one side. Then stick it to cover the hair tie. The purpose is to hold the hair tie and the pom pom together and longer than without. Because sometimes, hot glue doesn’t last that long, it can easily detached.

6. Do the same with hair clip.

If you still confused, this post can be a good reference of how to make a ball from a fabric. Look at how I made the cherry hair tie. The method is the same.

And if you want a clearer tutorial, I suggest you to see the video tutorial that I’ve made here.

diy pom pom hair accessories, hair ties

diy pom pom hair accessories, pom pom hair clip

diy pom pom hair accessories

These pom poms have elegant look than the yarn pom pom. You can use it as a keychain, earrings, ring, on a pillow, and so on. If you can get a softer fur fabric with a longer fur, the pom pom will look more luxurious. It depends on the fabric that you use.

But, don’t forget to have fun with it!

So that’s it for now! I hope you get inspiration from this post. Do you like pom pom? If so, how do you like to incorporate it? Let me know in the comment section below.

Wish you a wonderful day!

Love, peace, courage,



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    By the way, I love these pom-poms so much! Would you kindly style my hair for me? I’m having a bit of trouble doing it myself. Thanks!

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