Kero Chan Plush DIY | Cardcaptor Sakura | DIY Anime Craft (FREE Template!)

diy kero chan plush - cardcaptor sakura

diy kero chan plush - cardcaptor sakura

Konyanyachiwa~ *kero-chan said* Ehem.

Hello! I’m so excited to share you this! It’s like a big project for me to make and share. DIY KERO CHAN PLUSH!!!AAAAA!!! Just how excited I am.

But but.. because how long it is to make for me, I’m already exhausted to edit all the photos and write a written instruction here. Do not fret! The tutorial is there, but a video tutorial!

Yeah, another Cardcaptor Sakura post again hehe. I just love it so much! Never have I ever get bored of it. Maybe haven’t yet. Just how much I love it!

diy kero chan plush - cardcaptor sakura

Material I used to make this Kero chan plush:

Disclosure: I make a commission for purchases made through the link to that is linked on my material list 🙂

Velboa fabric
Rasfur fabric
Black small beads
Needle and threads
Pillow stuffing
✰ Pencil / Marker
✰ Template (DOWNLOAD HERE!)

diy kero chan plush - cardcaptor sakura

How long I made this Kero chan plush? It’s approximately 15 hours.. Including preparing the template, and filming it. Because I made it while filmed the tutorial. Alone. Hehe.

Oh don’t be afraid! Of course, you can make this Kero chan plush faster than me! It’s me that took it so long.

diy kero chan plush - cardcaptor sakura

The pattern isn’t perfect. But It does a good job in my opinion. You can alter the pattern as you would like. I have already given it to you. It’s yours. The only prohibited action is sell the template, but you can share it for free. Oh! You may also sell the plushies you make with this template!

diy kero chan plush - cardcaptor sakura

I also want to sell this Kero chan plush. Unfortunately, I only can sell it in my country, Indonesia. Because I don’t have paypal, credit card, or any other international payment. I wish I can sell things internationally in the future. Well I’m sure I can someday! Oh yeah, I sell it here or here.

And.. this is the tutorial!

And that is it! I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

How is it? By the way, what plush should I make next? Let me know in the comment section below!

I hope you have a wonderful day! And have a fun crafting!

Lots of love, peace, and courage for you,



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  1. Hooray, you made a little brother for me! But wait… he is actually bigger than me, so maybe I should call him big brother instead? #deepthoughts

    1. Bonita says: Reply

      He is still a little brother to you! Don’t be intimidated by his size. You’re the first one that was born!

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