DIY Decorative Pillow – Simple Star Pillow

diy decorative pillow - star pillow

diy decorative pillow - star pillow

On Tuesday, I have shared how to make large digital pattern for DIY projects with Photoshop. On that tutorial, I made a big star pattern. So today, I want to use that pattern to make a simple DIY project. DIY star pillow!So let’s start crafting!

DIY Star Pillow Supplies

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DIY Star Pillow Instructions

diy star pillow tutorial full

This is a really simple sewing project!

  1. Make the star pattern first with this tutorial. Then copy the pattern to your fabric. Trace it on the wrong side of fabric.
  2. Then fold you fabric so it’s already doubled when you cut the shape. Cut the fabric following the star shape with additional seam allowance. Then sew on the line, leaving some inches open for turning inside out.
  3. Before turn it inside out, clip on every curves and corners. This way, you will have crisper edges when it’s turned inside out.
  4. Now turn it inside out. I like to iron it now.
  5. Then fill it with pillow stuffing.
  6. Close the opening with some ladder stitches.


diy decorative pillow - star pillow

I like how simple yet cute it is.

Choose cute printed fabric to enhance the cuteness of this star pillow. I used polkadot because I like this print! Oh yeah, pastel polkadot!

I would like to make pillow DIY again in the future. But maybe with more complex design than this. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

Have a wonderful day!

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