Violet Baudelaire Inspired Look | A Series of Unfortunate Events Movie (WARNING: Rants Included)

violet baudelaire inspired hair and outfit

violet baudelaire inspired hair and outfit

Have you ever watch A Series of Unfortunate Events Movie? This look was inspired by how Violet Baudelaire look in the movie. I really love her style in the movie.

I love dressing up. Especially as a character that has fantasy look on her, or just unusual to see in daily activities. That’s why I love cosplay. Because I just love to dress up. It’s fun. Even though it’s been a long time since my last cosplay that I can called a cosplay (I mean with wig and proper costume) haha. Well, maybe I can called the Judy Hopps one a cosplay. But.. I don’t know..

violet baudelaire inspired hair and outfit

By the way, this idea is about her “look” or “style” is in the “movie”. I don’t want to describe how the story or who she is. Because there will be mixed arguments for people that might called that they are real fans or that they read all of the books and said that I should read the book because the movie are not even close to the original stories.

I know I should just appreciate their comments and opinions. But somehow, weirdly, I felt irritated for people who do that. I love the movie, and I know that the original is the book. And I’m also aware that a movie adaptation won’t be the same as the books. Or even too far from the book. I get it. But we can appreciate and enjoy the original and the adaptation separately. I don’t know why, now I’m so irritated for people who just comparing the original and the adaptation. For any title. Not just this. You know, you can enjoy both, you can enjoy just one of them and the other don’t. But please don’t compare. I felt like I want to scream. Haha. *calm down..

Well, I’m not a fan. I only watch the movie and love that. I love the idea. And that movie which introduce me to this title. I know I haven’t read the books. Because somehow I got lazy when I have to read fiction books nowadays. Now many of my fiction books are just laying there in my bookshelf and never been read by me. And I was thinking to just sell all of them, including my comics that just doesn’t spark joy anymore to me. I thought about this when I finally finished a book by Marie Kondo about her KonMari Method (a little bit out of topic). But still thinking where should I sell them.

violet baudelaire inspired hair and outfit
This is the dress I DIY-ed. I have a thrifted dress and then I transformed it to this cute dress.

Okay back to topic. These days, I prefer to know a fiction story from visual moving thing. Like video (movie, TV, animation, etc.). Instead reading it. Well I said prefer, because sometimes I still want to read fiction, but rarely. And I tend to do that for something that I love the most. Like new Card Captor Sakura manga hehe. Or fiction books that are recommended by my really close friends.

So, I don’t know if I will read A Series Of Unfortunate Books. Even though I have said that I really would love to. But mind can change, right? I’m not really sure if someday I will read it. Because like what I’ve said before, I’m lazy now to read fiction books. I tend to be attracted to non-fiction now. But maybe I will, who knows? But I bet the books are really awesome! I don’t doubt that!

violet baudelaire inspired hair and outfit

Talking about original vs. adaptation, I want to talk about one example. Out of topic but this is just an example. “How to Train Your Dragon” series. That title is originally from books. And there are two adaptation animation movies with the same title. And you know what? The books and the adaptation are really different, and even I think that the adaptation only took the idea, not the story. The adaptation are for all ages, but the books are really dark with violent action words, bloods, etc. Well it’s just my opinion. But I don’t want to compare! I love both the books and the adaptation! Even though they are really different. I enjoy and react differently with both of them. But I love both of them! And I don’t want to tell people who loves only the books/adaptations to read/watch the other because the other one is better. I don’t.

violet baudelaire inspired hair and outfit
Violet Baudelaire (from movie) hair tutorial below this post

Back then, I also like to compare original vs. adaptation, and told it to my friends that they should read the books. But now I learned, that I shouldn’t. I think it’s unnecessary, and annoying. I couldn’t think how annoyed my friends were when I said it. The worst is if I told to someone who is not the type of people who likes to read. Even though I know. Ughh, so annoying, right?

We have opinions and we have the right to share it. Yeah, this is also just my “opinions”. But there are words that are really annoying if you told it to other people. Something like, “you should do this, you should do that” without the people asking about it. And “I know about this better because I did this and this (like, I have read the books so I know better, I’m a fan so I know better, I did this for so long so I know better, etc. etc. with other variations). Just imagine if someone told you that. How do you feel? If it’s not a good feeling, then don’t do that to other people. Exception, maybe, just maybe, you warn the person that what you will say maybe won’t be good. Hahaha. Hmm now I’m confusing myself..

Sorry for ranting today. If you feel somehow irritated reading this, then stop reading this. Or just tell me in the comment section below about your feelings (it won’t be published if you don’t want to as well). Seriously, maybe it can help to clear your feelings. Don’t bury your feelings. If you can clear those feelings by yourself, kudos to you! It’s really nice if you can aware about your feelings and then clear it by yourself just from that awareness. I still learned about it, and it’s not easy to me. So kudos to you who do that!

Well I cleared out my feelings by writing this post haha.

And now I think “who irritated my feelings once again?”. I forgot ahaha. And now I think, well that’s fine. People sometimes don’t know what they are doing. Including myself. We’re just human, we have our down moments. Sometimes we can’t think positively. So, it’s fine. I feel I am fine now haha.

Well that’s unnecessary…

Maybe I will delete this post in the future when I’m aware that it’s not necessary to publish this rant. Hehe. For now, I don’t edit it.


By the way, I have the outfit and hairstyle tutorial for this look. And here it is.

Hope you all have a nice day!


Peace, love, courage,



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2 Replies to “Violet Baudelaire Inspired Look | A Series of Unfortunate Events Movie (WARNING: Rants Included)”

  1. Oh man, I can’t agree with you more. I really dislike it when people keep comparing the book to the movie adaptation. I don’t really mind it if they merely discuss about it, what I don’t like is when they keep COMPLAINING and insisting that the book is better than the movie blah blah blah. Plus they always insist that we should read the book because that’s what true fans do. NOT! We can freely choose whether we want to read the book or not. Some people just don’t have the time to read the whole book so they only watch the movie. If they enjoy it, then good for them! There’s no need to force them to read the books as well and insisting that “The book is much better than the movie! The movie sucks and your taste sucks!”

    It’s the same as anime and manga. Some people say that if you only read the manga or if you only watch the anime, then you’re not a true fan, and that you have to do both if you want to truly enjoy the story. Well sorry to break it to them but not everyone has enough time to both read the manga and watch the anime. We do this as a hobby, not a responsibility. We don’t have to be so hardcore about it.

    Oh dear, now I’m ranting too haha. The point is, I understand how you feel. It’s really easy to get agitated towards people like that, especially when we encounter them every time we talk about a movie that we enjoy. Why can’t they just discuss the movie with us instead of telling us that we should go read the books. I can’t stand people like that!

    1. Reading your comment, what I can only say is..

      Especially this part “Why can’t they just discuss the movie with us instead of telling us that we should go read the books.”

      Your explanation is more clear than mine!

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