My Handmade Plush Creations! The Story Behind and Material I Used!

My Handmade Plush Creations

Holahoo~ In this post, I’m going to share my plush creations that I have made! Well, some of them are not finished, and I stopped the project on some point.

Making plushie is not one of my favorites. Maybe because It’s hard, time consuming, and not a wearable projects, haha. But I’m pleased every time I finished a plushie. It’s like “Wow, I never thought you’ll come alive!” <- and it’s not. Every handmade creations that I made are filled with heart (*gombal). Every handmade creations are, with their creator’s hearts. But again because it’s not my favorite project, I only make it when I have to, such as for a gift or event. Never ever I made a plush just for a random encounter or just want to have it :p.

That’s why I only have a few plush creations. One day I thought, why not share my plush creations? And a little bit story behind of them and also the material I used.

I hope you enjoy reading a post like this. 🙂

The plush creations are going to be told in an order. From the oldest one.

Kero chan Felt Plushie

Handmade Kero Chan Plushie - Cardcaptor Sakura

The first one is Kero-chan plushie!

Actually this is not the first time I made a felt plushie. But the others before this are just a small plush dolls, and they were scattered around many places so.. I’ll tell Kero-chan as my first.


I made a Kero-chan plushie when I was in high school. It was in a third grade in high school (12th grade). I made it for my best friend, Rachel‘s birthday. We love Cardcaptor Sakura, and we intended to cosplay as Sakura and Tomoyo for our first cosplay. Rachel cosplayed as Sakura. I wanted to give her Kero-chan as her birthday gift. So she could bring it to an event where we cosplayed. That’s why I made it hehe.

This Kero-chan is flat.. Haha. I mean when you see him from the side, he’s so flat. But I really love the result and it still looks kawaii as he is. This plushie is one of my favorite (I have two favorites).

Kero-chan is resting on Rachel’s room. So, all images of Kero-chan is taken by her. Thanks, Rach!


I made Kero-chan from felt. I added some beads on his bow tie. For his tail, I use felt and a synthetic fur trim (I don’t know what it’s called). I buy all of them in a craft store in Pasar Sunan Giri.

Mulan Inspired Doll and Hio

Handmade Plush Creations - Mulan's Doll and Hio

I made them for a friend of mine. He likes creepy things. So, he requested me to make two dolls that are creepy..


The first doll that he wanted is Hio, on the right side from the picture. The size is small, about the size of my palm. It was inspired by a comic that he read. I don’t remember the title of that comic. He named this character Hio. I think that name is not in the comic itself, but made by him. He thought that this doll is creepy and cool, so he insisted that I should make it and sell it if I can make many of these. Because he thought many people would love to buy a creepy doll like this. Haha. But yeah I made it, only one.

It lasted a couple of weeks I guess before he returned to me and asked me to fix it. Because Hio lost one of his hand. So I brought Hio back to me and put him in my drawer for fixing later. Sadly.. until now, I never fix it.. Haha I’m that lazy. And I never return it again to him. It’s like a gift that is returned and I never gave it back again.

Then I made Mulan’s doll. She was requested by the same person as Hio. Like her titled, she was inspired by Mulan (Disney Princess). In the first movie, Mulan left her doll and found by her enemy. I thought this doll is creepy.. But he like this creepiness too. So he requested me to make it for Hio’s friend.

I really liked this Mulan’s doll even though it’s creepy. I worked hard to make her black dress. It’s the first time I made a detachable doll dress. You can take it off and change it with another (if I made it, but I didn’t). I forgot if I gave this doll already or not. He know that this doll were finished, as I showed it myself  to him. But I don’t know why this doll is still in my room. I really forgot why. Haha.


These two were completely made with nylex fabric. I don’t know what it’s called in English, but in Indonesia is nylex. It’s a doll fabric type with the shortest fur. I buy it on Mangga Dua, Indonesia. But now the seller has an online shop, so I don’t have to go to Mangga Dua (it’s far from my home).

For Hio’s bandage, I use a white satin ribbon and just rolled it covering its body.

So, those two are still in my room now and I think.. abandoned.. Because I lock them in a cupboard. I don’t mean to abandon them. But.. I just don’t know where to put them beside cupboard. :”

Gianni and Sarah (Walk off The Earth) Inspired Hand Puppet

Handmade Muppets or Hand Puppets

This project is so so so challenging!


Well, guess what? These two puppets are requested again by the same person that requested Hio. He is a fan of Walk off The Earth (WOTE). Two of WOTE member, Sarah and Gianni have two hand puppets that resemble them. You can see the puppets on their channel’s banner. So yeah, he wanted a hand puppet like that too.

This project is the hardest doll project that I’ve ever encounter! These are hand puppets! You know, like muppet. You can insert your hand in the doll, and play the mouth. I didn’t know how to make it in the beginning. I searched, googled, to find how to make it. Such a long learning. Really.. And I finally came up with these.

The Gianni one (on the right) is actually have been finished once. I forgot why he lost his eyes and clothes and shoes! OMG.. For the Sarah one, I only have to make her clothes and shoes. But I didn’t execute it until now. I’m so lazy. Haha.

That’s why they are still in my room, locked in the cupboard like Hio and Mulan’s doll.


I used velboa fabric for their body and head. Velboa fabric is also available in here. But originally I bought it at Brother Land (Tanah Abang). For the hair, I use yarn haha. I used felt for their eyebrows. For their mouths, I use card stock paper and craft foam. By the way I made the eyes by myself. Using an air dry clay haha!

Botan Plush

Handmade Clannad Botan Felt Plush

Yeay Botan!


I made Botan for cosplay property. Botan is from Clannad, owned by Fujibayashi twins. Rachel and I cosplayed as them so that’s why we need Botan as our cosplay props. We bring it in one of Japanese culture event, AFA ID.

This Botan is so full of stitch marks haha. I don’t know how to make a rounded plushie. I always make a flat plushie. So this is my first time making one. Not that great but I still love it nonetheless :3. I still think that it is kawaii. It rests in my bedroom until now.


Felt! Felt! FELT!!!! Haha. Because felt is cheap and easy to work with. I didn’t use any other material for it.

Blue Doll (Ib Game)

Handmade Blue Doll Plushie

I like this one very much! Even though it does not win for my favorite category.


Blue Doll.. Yep. If you know Ib game, you should know about Blue Doll. It is one of a ghost character in the game. Yup, Ib is an horror game. I don’t like scary things, because I’m a coward. But, Ib is not that scary. I actually didn’t play it. I only watch PewDiePie’s video playing it. And I’m in love.

But why I watched it anyway? It is because I have been asked to cosplay as one of the character, Mary. My friend asked me, he want to make a group of Ib cosplay. I agreed to his request. So I made all of the costume and props of Mary.

Mary likes Blue Doll, it’s like her friend. So I decided to make Blue Doll as my Mary props. It didn’t take much time to make it. It’s rather simple to make. The only one which is tiring to make is the hair haha. I actually make two of these. But the other one is borrowed by my friend, and I didn’t ask him to give it back till now. So I only have one in my bedroom.

I also cosplayed as Mary with my best friend, Rachel as Ib. We cosplayed at AFA ID. I brought this Blue Doll also. We had fun!


FELT! Again haha!

Anime Plush Doll

Handmade Anime Plush Dolls

This one I don’t remember the name of the character..


This project is the first time I have a commission project. Yes, I make it and sell it. It is requested by a friend of friend of mine. She know my work only by Blue Doll that my friend borrowed and brought it at an event. She asked me on Facebook message and only give the character image. I don’t know what anime/game it came from, nor do I know her name. By the way, it is my first time to make an anime plush doll. So, it is a challenge for me. But I had fun making it and really really pleased with the result. This plush doll is at his owner (the buyer). Lucky me, I took some photo of it and save it in my laptop.


Mostly felt (hair, clothes, eyes, blushes). I also used velboa for her skin.

Bone Doll

Boneka Bone - Handmade Anime Plush Dolls

This one also my favorite! Well, I’ll share this one quick and short :3.


It was requested. He didn’t know if I was really and seriously going to make it. So, I gave it as his birthday present. She has the same name as me. If you always read my blog post, you’ll notice something about her and know an information. By the way, her clothes are detachable, so I can change it to another one if I make it (haven’t yet). I’ll keep the rest a secret tee-hee :B.


Velboa (Skin), felt (hair, eyes, blushes, shoes), cotton fabric and tartan fabric (clothes), old legging (socks).

Wooh! That’s it my story of my plush creations! I hope you enjoy this post and somehow get inspired by it! We never know if something can give you inspiration. Inspiration come from nowhere like a lightning bolt struck you from above! So, maybe you can get your lightning after reading this post! Hehe. (dreaming).

If you wanna know more just ask it in the comment section! 😀

I will see you on my next post! Bye!


Love, peace, and courage,



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    Wow! I never knew you’ve made so many plushies, Boncch! I only knew of Kero-chan, Ib Doll and that baseball pig.
    I really love the Mulan doll! She looks so cute!
    My least favourite one is the Bone doll. I don’t know why but she reminds me of someone creepy… ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) BURN THAT DOLL!

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    1. Kyaaa thank you! That one is my favorite! (>ω<)

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