Halloween DIY Maid Costume – Simple Tutorial

DIY Maid Costume - Simple and Easy for Halloween


It’s time for Halloween!! Yeaaaay!! Wow, ten days again. Wuh wuh! For this Halloween season, I tried to make a costume. Just for fun, of course. Even though I hope I can attend a Halloween party just once.. meh. Okay.. It’s hard to decide a cute costume yet simple for me to make that I can finish in a short time. But then I realize, I have a desire to try to be a maid. Japanese maid alike. I think this is a simple version of Japanese maid costume. This tutorial include the apron, the shirt, headband, and also wristbands. Sewing require for the apron, tee-hee.

The materials:

– White cotton fabric (1 meter length is enough).
– Black T-shirt.
– Lace.
– Elastic lace
– Headband
– Black ribbon
– Threads and needle or sewing machine
– Scissors
– Glue gun
DIY Maid Costume - Halloween

For the apron, this is my measurement (minus seam allowance):
– Apron skirt = 42 cm x 30 cm (x2)
– Waistband = 170 cm x 8 cm
– Shoulder straps = 83 cm x 5 cm (x4)

Don’t forget adding seam allowance. You can alter this measurement if you want. Especially for waistband and straps.


DIY Maid Costume Appron Tutorial
  1. For the skirt, place the right side of fabric facing each other. Sew along the edges. Leave one edge not sewn. Turn the fabric right side out.
  2. Baste stitch the edge then gather, making some pleats. Sew it to secure the pleats.
  3. Now move to waistband part. Fold the waistband seam allowance first. Then iron it. Fold it again, then iron.
  4. Sandwich the skirt edge inside the waistband. After that, sew along the waistband edge.
The skirt is done, it’s time for thre straps.
DIY Maid Costume Appron Tutorial
  1. Place the fabric right side facing each other. Then sew along the line, leaving some for opening. Next, turn the fabric inside out. Close the opening with hand sewing.
  2. Now, attaching the straps. Measure where you wear the straps with the skirt. Pin the straps under the waistband. Then sew the straps.
  3. Sew the other end of the straps to the waistband.
  4. Decorating time! Add lace wherever you want. I decided to sew lace on the skirt edges, also on the shoulder straps.
Yeaaay apron is finished. Make the shirt now!
DIY Maid Costume Easy Shirt Tutorial
  1. I refashion a black T-shirt, to simplify this project.
  2. First, do something with the sleeve. I baste stitched the sleeve, just to make it a little bit puffier.
  3. Then I sewed lace on it.
  4. For the neck part, I extend the width by cutting it. Then add lace for cuteness.
Simple, isn’t it? Now, for the accessories. I made headband and wristbands.
DIY Maid Costume Accessories Tutorial - Headband - Wrist Cuff
  1. For headband, simply glue lace to it.
  2. For wristband, you need elastic lace. First measure how long the lace you need by wrapping your wrist. I crisscross wrapped, to make it looks something.. different….. It was a joke, actually because the elastic lace is not wide enough for me.
  3. Cut the lace and sew to join the ends.
  4. Add extra cuteness with ribbon. Cut the ribbon. Make a crisscross.
  5. Then fold the circle part down. You will notice a bow shape created.
  6. Secure the bow by sewing.
  7. Then sew the bow on the middle of wristband.
Taa-daaa! Yeaaay! We finish it! (^o^)/
DIY Maid Costume Tutorial

I also made a blue big ribbon brooch and added it on the shirt for extra cuteness. Wear these with black pleated skirt or skater skirt, and your costume will be completed! Yeaaay!! How it felt being a maid? Hmm.. I don’t know.. I only wore it at my room for a random fun hahaha. You can see the pictures here. What about you? What do you want to be for Halloween?



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  2. OMG, a future waitress!!
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