Event – Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFA ID) 2013

Huaaaaaaa I’ve never posted for a long time! (You always said this, Bon). Hehe. Well, my university workloads are always hectic, even in the first week! I was absent for four days in the first week, because of my chicken pox (I’m already healthy). And I was shock when I knew that there was three assignments given in the first week! *fainting*

Hahaha but I still managed to come to an event. Hmmm I think “managed” is not the right word… Anyway, AFA is the largest regional Japanese pop culture event in Asia. 6, 7, 8 September 2013, is the time for AFA in Indonesia. I came on Saturday, the second day.

In this event, My best friend, the cutest Rafi and me cosplayed as Fujibayashi twins from anime Clannad. Me as Kyou and Rafi as Ryou. Even though I bought the wrong color fabric for my costume, Rafi and I are still twins! Haha. Not literally. But we are. If you are wondering, I put on a heavy make up to conceal my chicken pox marks. I hate heavy make up, though. But, I have to. Psst… it took me 3 hours for make up.

The event was sooo fuuuun! It was really crowded, I can’t barely walk. We walked and walked around the bazaar. We can enter the stage, but we forget to enter it. And when we want to enter it, the stage show has already ended. Sigh, haha. We met some of our friends there, and many of them are friends from high school. We have so much fun!

Whooo, the atmosphere! Some spots were more crowded.

Photos of me and my friends.

Rafi as Ryou and me as Kyou and Botan
Take a photo with Kakashi from Naruto
With our best friend, Ridho
With friends, two of them cosplayed as Daft Punk and … I don’t know hehe
Free style?
In the middle is our friend, Po
When we got home to Rafi’s house, we took another photos haha.
We are twins!
Now, I can’t cover my chicken pox marks perfectly again, the marks was darkening *sob*. I have been trying to use any natural treatment. And wait, and hope. I’m sure they will be gone. But not sure when. Almost crying. Hahaha try to be positive.
Random photo, what I got from AFA. I didn’t buy anything.
There are many great and cute cosplayers. Sadly, I didn’t take photos of them. I want to. But, I don’t know how to ask them properly, *shy mode*.
All photos was taken with Rafi‘s camera.

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3 Replies to “Event – Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFA ID) 2013”

  1. Hi! I am that Kakashi-sensei cosplayer ^^
    You're cosplaying character from Clannad right so kawaii :3
    Thanks for taking picture with me..
    See you on the next event^^

  2. Arigatou ne
    Anata-tachi wa hountoni kawaii desu :3

    -Kakashi ^^

  3. Hi there, Kakashi cosplayer!
    Yes, we were Fujibayashi twins, thank you :D. Your cosplay were great too!
    Nice to meet you! :).

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