Droplets Of Love

Why is there such a thing called love?
What is the purpose of love?
When does love come?
Do you realize when it comes?

Well, I only can say that love is there for blissfulness in this world
Can you imagine a world without love?
This world will be in misery
But sometimes.. you feel that love makes you in pain..
Is this true?

Is it about unrequited love?
Or when you love each other, but can’t be together?
But love is never wrong, isn’t it?

When you truly love somebody
even if it makes your chest hurt
you know that you are happy when the one you love is happy..
Sounds cheesy, huh?
Sometimes.. you cannot own anything you love
But when you continue loving without owning
You learn the most sincere love
Unconditional love..
When you do..
You will always remember the love..
Continue loving
You will not regret
Thank the love
Let them know that you love them
It can be in any form
Spread the affection..

Don’t be afraid when love is come
Celebrate the love
be open
Love is everywhere..

Because love is a wondrous experience

Love and peace,

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  1. Bone's Secret Admirer says: Reply

    That post is so lovely, by the way!

  2. Haaa Haaaa -____-" thank you, Ruf! I know it's you! Love you too, Raffee!! ^^"

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