DIY Top Knot Turban Headband – Fabric Headband with Elastic

diy top knot turban headband - fabric headband with elastic | I Wear A Bow

diy top knot turban headband - fabric headband with elastic | I Wear A Bow

Hi everyone! Just a quick and simple sewing tutorial for you this week!

I have seen this kind of headband on a Japanese magazine. And I love how it was syled with the model. Well maybe because the model is so cute haha. But I want to wear one too! Hence I made this headband, iyeay~ Its style is simple yet so cute to wear! Even tough I prefer hard headband because how simple it is to wear. Elastic headband isn’t that simple for me to wear on the go. But.. have a little bit of effort is harmless~

DIY Turban Headband

diy top knot turban headband

Disclosure: I make a commission for purchases made through the link to that is linked on my material list 🙂

DIY Turban Headband Materials:

  • Fabric of your choice (I like to use cute printed cotton fabric. Gingham check is my favorite print of all!)
  • Sewing machine (mine is butterfly JH8530A) / needle and threads
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and ruler to measure

DIY Turban Headband Measurement:

These are the fabric measurement for each cut:

  • 18 x 8 inches
  • 6 x 3 inches
  • 4 x 3 inches

And an elastic (I use soft wide elastic. But whatever elastic is fine).

  • 4 inches

DIY Turban Headband Tutorial Steps

diy turban headband tutorial

There is a video tutorial for this one for clearer tutorial. Click here. And now the written instruction (ordered by the picture from left to right):

  1. Cut the big one.
  2. Fold in half (right side to right side) and sew just on the length side. Leave the two width sides open. And then turn it right side out.
  3. Cut the other fabric pieces (the smaller ones).
  4. Fold in half (right side to right side) and sew just on the length side for the bigger one, and sew on every edges leaving a little bit opening for the smallest one (The dots on picture is lacking, I forgot hehe my mistake). And turn them right side out. For the smallest one, just close the opening.
  5. Take the bigger one (not the biggest) and insert elastic into it.
  6. When the elastic is on the edge, sew it with the fabic. Use zig zag stitch for this one.
  7. Sew the other edges (including the elastic). Now you will have an fabric covered elastic.
  8. Fold the hem of the biggest fabric piece to the inside, so there’s no raw edges. Insert the elastic fabric onto it, just on the edge. Pinch the biggest fabric. Then sew them together. Do this for the other edge as well.
  9. You already can wear this headband actually! But adding top knot is cute!
  10. So use those smallest fabric as the centerpiece. Pinch the headband at the center. And then cover it with the centerpiece, and sew it to secure it.

Done! Looks like a bow!

diy top knot turban headband

diy top knot turban headband - fabric headband with elastic | I Wear A Bow

I will make this again I think! I love hair accessories! Even though most of the times, I don’t take the effort to wear it when I go out haha. It’s just me who is lazy to get ready early.

I hope you get inspiration from my blog post! Thank you so much for reading!

Wish you have a wonderful weekend!

Love, peace, and courage,



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