DIY Summer Dress | T-shirt to Dress Transformation


DIY SUMMER DRESS - TRANSFORM T SHIRT TO DRESS blogI’m back with a DIY tutorial! And this is a collaboration!!

This is a t-shirt transformation challenge with Mika Chan Sailor on Youtube. I felt so fortunate to get this opportunity to collab with her! I have subscribed her even before I made my Youtube channel. So this was a blast!

The tutorial is on video version on my channel. Also go check Mika’s video for her version of t-shirt to dress transformation! She’s awesome! I love her creativity!

In this tutorial, I actually failed at first and I included the failed one in the video haha. But on the failed one, you can see that I tried to make longer dress to the knee length. So the revised version actually too short for me to wear just as it is. But I really love this dress, so I wear it outside with legging or stocking hehe. It works for me like that!

I have the t-shirt leftover that I think I can come up with something cute for future DIY! So stay tuned for that!

Thank you so much as always!

Have a wonderful day~

Peace, love, courage,



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  1. Hey Bow! Long time no see! How are you? I hope you’re doing well! Anyway, can’t wait for your product launching! It’s gonna be awesome kyaaaa~!!

    1. Hey To! I’m great!Thank you for asking! How about you? The collections will be available soon! Stay connected~

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