DIY Scary Halloween Ideas for Accessories

DIY Scary Halloween Accessories



Hi everyone…

Today… I brought to you..  spooky Halloween accessories…. huuu…..

Okay enough, Hi! This post was requested by Rachel, a girl who loves creepy and spooky things, in contrast with me who hates those things haha. But in my opinion, these accessories are not scary to me, they are actually cute. Like my blue doll that I made inspired by Ib game, it’s not that scary, it actually is cute, so I can make and keep it.

I know Halloween is in front of our eyes now.. soon.. I maybe late to post this tutorial. But like they say (who?), better late than never. This tutorial is so easy to make in the last minute! The materials are cheap and easy to be found too! I think it’s good for complementing your Halloween costume, lazy or not.

Yeah in my last post, I said that I have an idea for Halloween costume. But… I chose not to execute it. I have my reason and one of that is time. Hehe. Sorry. I hope next year I will make a costume!

Back to the post, I agreed to make all of the ideas that Rachel gave to me. Because all of them are cute and easy and yet scary for Halloween. So why not? Let’s do these scary halloween ideas for eyeballs, bloody bow, bloody bones, and bat wings. Bloody bloody bloody bloody bloody wiiiii~!

Let’s start! Shall we?


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories materials
We’ll need:
– Felt
– Scissors
– Needle and threads
– Stuffing
– Red fabric marker (or any marker would work fine!)
DIY Scary Halloween Accessories materials


– All purpose glue / Hot glue
– All kind of accessories (hair ties, hair clips, bobby pins, pin, badges, anything that you have!)



FREE TEMPLATE is available for download in the bottom of this post!!!

1. Bloody Bones (Bone yang berdarah-darah..) Tutorial

First the easiest one, bloody bones. Yeah bone… My nickname is Bone so… this is all about me.. in blood..


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Bloody Bones Tutorial


1. Cut the bone templates and trace it to the felt. For one template, we need 2 piece of felt. Then, cut the felt.
2. Sandwich two of felts that have the same shape, and then sew them all around with blanket stitch. No need to stuff this.
3. Lastly, make them blood sprayed by drawing some blood splashes with red marker.

And that’s it! Easy isn’t it?


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Bloody Bones

2. Haunted Eyeballs Tutorial

Next we’re going to make eyeballs. We’ll use this eyes for other accessories as well! Keep looking…

Anyway you can see clearer explanation for this ball in my last post as well!


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Eyeballs


1. Cut the eye sclera template. Trace it to the felt and cut.
2. Running stitch around the edge.
3. Pull the threads, so it forms a ball shape.
4. Stuff it with pillow stuffing.
5. Pull the threads again and then secure the threads while it is still pulled.
6. Make two (or more if you like) of these.
7. Make some circle of felts that are smaller with different size and color for the eye iris, pupil, and radiance (see photos above).
8. Then glue them one by one, start from the bigger one.
9. After that, the fun part. Draw blood vessel around the eyes. Huuu that is so… yeah…

And haunted eyeballs are ready to be used!

3. Bat Wings with Eye Tutorial

I don’t know why when I typed bat wings, I remembered chicken wings. Then, I’m hungry.. I haven’t eat breakfast yet while I’m typing this blog post hahaha *venting.

Moving on!


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Bat Wings Tutorial


1. Cut the wing template and cut the felt following that template. Cut two of these. After that, yep, sandwich them and sew around with blanket stitch.
2. Then grab one eyeball and stick it on the center of the wing. Cut another circle of felt to cover the back of the eyeball.
3. Glue this piece of felt on the back of the wing, covering to eyeball.
4. I’d like to sew it after glue it with just some basic whip stitch. Or any stitch, as long as it’s secure, I don’t really care haha.

Yep! Bat wings with eye is ready to fly! (Nope).


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Bat Wings

4. Bloody Bow with Eye Tutorial

I think this one is my favorite of all. Yeah I’m bowholic (if that’s a word). Cute yet scary… perfect!


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Bloody Bow Tutorial


1. Cut rectangle shape of felts. The big one is 3×10 inches. Both of the small one is 1×4,5 inches.
2. Grab the big one and fold both of the ends to the center, overlap them, and glue them.
3. Pinch it and create bow shape.
4. Secure it by tying a threads around the pinch.
5. Grab one of the small felt. Fold them width-wise and cut the end diagonally.
6. Grab both of the main bow (the pinched one) and the tail (that we cut diagonally), match their center. Pinch a little the tail, and group it with the main bow by tying them around at the center.
7. Now the bow has the tails, grab another small felt.
8. Cover the threads on the center with this felt around the main bow and the tails.And you have the bow!
9. Then I cut the eye sclera template again on red felt. I drew blood splash shape on it, and cut it.
10. Glue the blood splash onto the bow.


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Bloody Bow Tutorial


11. Next glue the eyeball on top of the blood splash.


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Bloody Bow


12. Draw random blood splashes on the bow with red marker. And..

Uuuuuu you have it…. bloody bow…


DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Bloody Bow
DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - Blood Splashes
Bloody family… Bone with bow… perfect…
DIY Scary Halloween Accessories - How to attach pin


Now, attach it to any accessories that you want. For example, bobby pin. First, cut a small piece of felt. Insert it to the pin. Then glue the spooky accessories that we have made onto the felt and the pin. This small piece of felt is just for more security. So the accessories stick best to the pin and don’t fall out. For clearer explanation and reference, see my here.


All Scary Halloween Accessories


All Scary Halloween Accessories - Scary face
Scary face…
Scary Halloween Accessories


So, that is it for this tutorial!

I hope you like this spooky DIY. Because Halloween is all about spooky things! I hope my country celebrates this holiday, but it’s not. I want to see creative ideas all over the place, scary or not, I’ll embrace it. Haha.

There are some Halloween party on some places. But I’m not a party person. And it’s rare to be invited or see the free one. Is there a free one? Haha. But I don’t know what are they doing in this kind of party. I don’t know any party though.. except children birthday party haha. Just.. don’t like party especially wedding party (kondangan). I don’t know why.. It’s boring and overwhelming (because I can see many people all over the place, and it makes me dizzy, physically, even if you don’t see it in my face, I can cover it, but some intuitive people (or persons that know me deeply) can see it).

O why I’m rambling randomly again in a post. Haha.

I hope you get inspiration from this post! If you enjoy this post, please share it to anyone that you know will like it. I appreciate it very much.

I’m curious though, what people want to do this year Halloween. And what would you make for Halloween? Share any of your thoughts in the comment section below. I love to know your thoughts. And I will reply it as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for reading and listening to me.

Have a nice day! And please, enjoy the moment you have 🙂


Peace and Love,



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  1. Bear's Mother in Law says: Reply

    "Bloody Bones (Bone yang berdarah-darah..) Tutorial" HAHAHAHA YOU NO CLEAR BONCCH! (ga jelas lo Boncch!) ᕦ༼ ˵ ◯ ਊ ◯ ˵ ༽ᕤ
    I think this is my favourite DIY from you, even though this is more simple compared to your other ones! I love the results very much! I think I might try making it (for real hahaha) because I've purchased some black felt just for this DIY! Wuhuuuu!
    What would I make this Halloween? Definitely this DIY! Yeay!

    “(●ʘ̅ㅈʘ̅●)” -> a nervous bear

  2. Why you become Bear's Mother in Law?! Ahaha. I'm so clear, Bear! I'm the Bloody Bone!
    Yeaaaay!! Thank you very much, Bear! For real, Bear! For real! Make it! Like you made the criss-cross accessories before!
    Wuhuuuuu can't wait to see the result~ fufufu~

    Don't be nervous, Bear! My hologram will be behind you when you make it! So, take it easy (tenang sajalah~) *wicked face

  3. it's creepy eyeball, but that's funny 😀

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