DIY Pusheen Cat & Cookie Plush

DIY Pusheen & cookie plush

DIY Pusheen & cookie plush

Pusheen!!! I’m really excited to post this DIY Pusheen! Aaaa in this post I will share how I made Pusheen & Cookie plush as seen on TV! Ahaha! No, as seen on mall!

So I have seen Pusheen plushies on a mall. Well actually I’ve seen it twice. This Pusheen wanted me to hug her so bad! But oh my oh my! The price of this Pusheen plush is soooo expensive!! I can’t believe it!

Well maybe because those Pusheens are imported stuff so.. yeah.. you guessed it. But I want her so bad! She’s so cute and just aaaaa!!! But but.. the price doesn’t ring right to me.. Okay..

Bye Pusheen..


I can make that! And I did! Yeay! I’m so happy and really excited that now I can share this DIY Pusheen to you!

Let’s start making Pusheen plush!

DIY Pusheen Plush


🍪 Soft fabric (Velboa, fleece, nylex, any soft plush fabric will do)
🍪 Black felt
🍪 Light brown and dark brown felt
🍪 Scissors
🍪 Needle and threads (matching color for each fabric) / sewing machine
🍪 Hot glue
🍪 Pillow stuffing


DIY Pusheen plush pattern

I drew a big Pusheen on paper to be used as pattern. Then I also made a big ellipse for the bottom so the Pusheen can sit. I suggest you made the ellipes as big as the Pusheen bottom width. I made a mistake and didn’t made it bigger, so my Pusheen isn’t as fat as the usual Pusheen. But she’s still cute hehe.


Pusheen Plush Body

DIY Pusheen plush - Make Pusheen plush bod

1. Cut the fabric according our patterns. Don’t forget to add seam allowance every time we cut our fabric. Cut two for the body, and one for the ellipse. Then put the two bodies together with right side facing one another. After that, put the ellipse between the two bodies at the bottom (right side facing as well). Then sew this bottom part first, leaving some inches open for flipping later.

2. Then sew the body together.

3. Flip it right side out.

4. Stuff it with pillow stuffing until she’s fat! :3

DIY Pusheen plush - Add Pusheen facial feature

5.  Then make her facial feature with black felt. Glue them one by one with hot glue, but just a little bit at the center. Then secure it again with hand stitches around every edges. I used whip stitch for this because it’s easy and fast.

Pusheen’s Cookie

DIY Pusheen plush - Cookie

6. Draw her cookie on light brown felt and cut it with seam allowance. Cut two of this cookie pieces. Then also cut three dots with dark brown felt for the chocolate chips. Put the chips on the right side of cookie and glue it with hot glue.

7. Then put both cookie pieces right side to right side and sew it around, leaving an opening.

8. Next, flip it right side out and stuff it.

9. Close the opening and the cookie is ready to be eaten by her! Hehe.

Pusheen’s Arms, Legs, and Tail

DIY Pusheen plush - arms, legs, tail

10. Draw a simple hand on the main fabric. Then cut with seam allowance. We need two pairs for hands. Put them right side to right side for each pair, and sew them together leaving the bottom open.

11. Do the same with her legs.

12. After that, flip them right side out and stuff them all.

13. For her tail, just draw a simple tail on the main fabric. Cut it with seam allowance. Cut two of these. Then make the tail stripe. We need three for each tail piece. Glue the stripe and secure the edges with whip stitch on each tail piece.

14. Then sandwich the tail pieces together, again right side to right side. Sew them around, leave the bottom open.

15. Flip it right side out and stuff it.

DIY Pusheen's cookie

To attach the hands, legs, and tail, I used ladder stitch to the edges is invisible. Learn how to do it here. For the cookie, I simply stitched it randomly to the hands hehe.

And done!

DIY Pusheen & cookie plush

DIY Pusheen & cookie plush

I really love this Pusheen! Finally I can have her and made her with my hand! I’m so happy!!

If you like to watch a video tutorial, I have them for you here! Maybe you can get a clearer explanation with it :3

Do you love Pusheen? What do you think about this project? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below! Also don’t forget to share this post if you do enjoy this post. I hope you get inspiration and helpful to you! Make your own Pusheen plush!

As always I thank you for reading this post!

Have a nice day!

“Now it’s time to play, Pusheen!”

Peace, love, courage,



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9 Replies to “DIY Pusheen Cat & Cookie Plush”

  1. Awwwwwwww…
    Your Pusheen turned out that sweet. How mamy times habe you hugged Pusheen now?
    I want to try a crochet version of it, when I’ ve got time.

    1. Thank you! I think I hug her every night when I go to sleep hehe.
      That’s nice! I bet your crochet version will looks very cute :3

    2. Thank you! I think I hug her every night when I go to sleep hehe.
      That’s nice! I bet your crochet version will looks very cute :3

  2. amazing! I’m going to make it right now! many thanks!!!

    1. Thank you! Yeaay would love to know how it came out!

  3. Coot!
    I made my own and IT IS AMAZING!!!!!
    Thanks Bonita!!

    1. Yeaaay would love to see your creation! If you let me, of course hehe ^^

  4. this would be cute to turn into a backpack. to bad i already used your amazeing jean backpack DIY to one for school

    1. Ah right! That’s a great idea! Aww maybe make a new backpack for next back to school~ :3

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