DIY Little Devil Horns – A Halloween Series 2017

diy little devil horns - a halloween series 2017

diy little devil horns - a halloween series 2017

Halloween is coming! My favorite season even though I never experience it in my country! (because it’s not really celebrated in Indonesia). I can see lots and lots of costume DIY in this season. Just how creative you are people in this world! Love it! I also want to participate sharing costume ideas, so here I am trying hehe.

This year, I’m planning to make a darker costume (but still cute). When I asked my subscribers an idea of costume to make this year, they all gives me some huge inspiration! Especially I love Anđela Bošnjak‘s idea. She said to make a bat girl costume, like bat headband and clothes. It sparked me with a cute yet dark idea of costume to make! And yep, it’s the little devil. The headband is a devil horns, but I’m also planning to make bat-like wings. Hope I can get ideas of how to make those that I’m planning for haha. Wish me luck, and stay tuned for that~

And like every year, I just make the costume and share it on public by photos. But.. I never wear that outside to celebrate Halloween haha. Because well.. I’m not a party girl~ And Halloween celebration in my country are just party-like. I don’t like party~ ue ue. So I just took selfies with my costume as always haha. But I love doing that. I love dressing up~

diy little devil horns - a halloween series 2017

So yeah let’s just watch the tutorial. It’s really quick and simple! And as always, because I love using felt, I made this with felt. I’m confident with felt fabric crafting haha. Here’s the materials I used:

DIY Little Devil Horns Materials

  • Felt (I like black for the horns)
  • Needle and threads (basic hand sewing will do~)
  • Scissors (of course we need scissors in every DIY hehe)
  • Headband or hair clips (I prefer headband because it’s easier to wear for me than clips)
  • Glue (I used hot glue, but all purpose glue will do just fine. It’s felt afterall, it’s easy to stick with all purpose glue~)
  • Template (download here)

DIY Little Devil Horns Tutorial

For this tutorial, I only make the video version. Sorry for that! I forgot to take pictures while recording huhu (T^T). Hope you understand. Video tutorial all clearer though! *try to convince you *excuses. So here it is~

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me by commenting below hehe.

Stay tuned for the next halloween tutorial~

Wish you have a wonderful day!


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