DIY Little Devil Costume (Wings and Dress) – A Halloween Series 2017

diy little devil costume wings and dress

diy little devil costume wings and dress

This is a continuation of the previous post, DIY little devil horns.

Finally I manage to finish the rest of the costume. Though I decided not to make the devil tail. I don’t know.. I just.. don’t feel like to make one. Maybe because I’m lazy, and I know I wouldn’t wear it anyway. Actually the same goes with the wings, that I wouldn’t wear it outside of this tutorial. But somehow I wanted to make it haha. I don’t understand myself sometime.

diy little devil costume wings and dress

I made a black dress with sheer puffy sleeves and a tulle layered skirt. I actually am not a fan of puffy sleeves. I’m an insecure person if it comes to my arms haha. Moreover, this puffy sleeve is sheer. So double insecure hahaha. But nonetheless I still manage to put my insecurity aside and wear this. And why I made this kind of sleeve anyway? Because it’s cute! It’s just not that cute on me ahahaha ahahaha ha..

diy little devil costume wings and dress

By the way after I watch my tutorial and see my pictures again, I realized that I didn’t act as an evil devil. In all tape and pictures, I look like a gloomy devil that lost in the woods ahaha. Why am I look so gloomy! Even though devil should look like.. you know.. evil.. like a villain in this picture below.

or.. this..

well the last one actually kinda cute haha.

Now back to the topic.

I use these materials to make this costume:

  1. Wings: Organza fabric, wire, pliers, hot glue.
  2. Dress: Organza for sleeves, satin for top and skirt, also tulle for the skirt layer.

I made all of these in a rush, because I’m just not patient enough to make them haha. But still took me days to finish them (mostly because I put this project on hold for days to finish). So the result is not neat. But I’m fine with it because it’s just a personal project haha. But maybe I could wear the dress again somehow in an event, I don’t know.

diy little devil costume wings and dress

If you want to watch the tutorial, here I embed the video below.

Also don’t forget to make the horns, click here to see the devil horns tutorial.

And that’s all for me for now~

I hope you can get some inspiration from this post. Thank you so much for reading my blog! And wish you have a blast for upcoming halloween!

Have a wonderful day!

Peace, love, joy,



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