DIY Judy Hopps Costume (PART 2) – Carrot Pen, Police Badge, Rabbit Tail

DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Carrot Pen, Police Badge, Rabbit Tail

DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Carrot Pen, Police Badge, Rabbit Tail

The most fun part making a character costume is making the accessories or properties. We can try different ways, things, ideas, and materials to create our art. In contrast to apparel, there is no rules in props making. Zero rules. Because it’s just a costume props, not really usable. Unless you want them to be useful. But still, making props are more like a free work.

For example, if you want to make a carrot pen, you can use felt and sewing like me. Or you can work with clay and sculpt them to get carrot looks. Or with paper mache, or even flat cardboard, because we only use it as an ornament. Or.. or.. or.. Real carrot!!! Ha! For a one day cosplay only~ hehe.

So that’s why this is my favorite part of all Judy Hopps costume DIY. This is the easiest as well, haha. I have so much fun making Judy Hopps costume props. The carrot pen, the tail, and of course the most comforting DIY process is on the badge making! You’ll know why.

Ah let’s close the intro and let’s just start crafting, shall we?

Judy Hopps Carrot Pen

DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Carrot Pen


💝 Felt (Orange and Green)
💝 Pen of your choice
💝 Pillow stuffing
💝 Scissors
💝 Glue gun
💝 Needle and threads
💝 Any working marker


DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Carrot Pen

1. Carrot looks like a cone. So roll the pen with orange felt until you get the desired cone. Mark where the cone should end, and cut the orange felt. If you open the cone, it should looks like a reversed triangle.

2. Fold the triangle in half and sew the side where it opens. Make sure your pen fits inside.

3. After that, flip it over. Take your pen and mark where the pen should peek. Cut that part.

4. Add glue and insert your pen to the cone.

5. Fill the cone with pillow stuffing.

6. Make the carrot leaf.

7. Gather the end of the cone with running stitch. Before closing it, insert the leaf. Then pull the gather and close or secure it with some stitches.


DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Carrot Pen

Carrot Pen

And it’s actually a working pen! Cool!

Move on the next part, Rabbit’s Tail~

Judy Hopps Tail

DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Rabbit Tail Material


💝 Faux fur (Gray)
💝 Pillow stuffing
💝 Scissors
💝 Glue gun
💝 Needle and threads
💝 Any working marker
💝 Bowl

DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Rabbit Tail

The method actually is the same with my Card Captor Sakura’s cherry hair ties. Please read it if you haven’t familiar with the technique I use here.

1. Cut a big circle from the faux fur. I use an eating bowl to trace the circle. Then gather the edge with running stitch. But don’t close it yet.

2. Fill it with pillow stuffing.

3. Close the gather and secure it some stitches.

4. Glue a pin or brooch behind.

Done! Simple and easy isn’t it? Just pin it on your denim pants!

Rabbit Tail

Final part, Judy Hopps Badge!

Judy Hopps Police Badge

DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Badge Material


💝 Craftfoam (any color)
💝 Thick paper/Card paper (Gold)
💝 Scissors
💝 Glue gun
💝 All brown color pallete marker, and blue marker
💝 Print paper
💝 Pencil and eraser

DIY Judy Hopps Costume - Police Badge

1. Find Judy Hopps Badge on internet. Find one with clear shape to trace with. Trace it to a paper and cut. Note: trace all shape, the base, the middle circle, and the top&bottom ribbons. These are all the patterns. Now copy it to craft foam and gold paper and cut them.

2. Glue the gold paper to the craft foam one by one for each shape.

3. Then glue the circle and ribbons to the base shape.

4. Now it’s time for the fun part! Look at the badge model on internet and copy the image by drawing! Yes, I said drawing! Take all your markers and it’s time to use your hand drawing and copy the image. This is a fun process to me because it really calms my head down and just enjoy the moment. Note: Use pencil first to make the star, so you can erase it if you make mistake.

5. Glue a pin/brooch.

Done done done! DONE!

Pin it to your Judy Hopps Outer Crop Top that I will share the DIY next week~

Police Badge

Police Badge

Badge, Carrot Pen, Rabbit Tail

DIY Judy Hopps Costume

DIY Judy Hopps Costume

Watch the video tutorial to see the process more clearly~

It’s fun isn’t it? Or is it just me? Hahaha!

Making costume props is fun and I love it so much! Now play with your props! Well in this case, the carrot pen is works! So write a journal or diary with it! I force you!


How these turned out to you? I hope you get inspired and enjoy this DIY post the same as I did enjoy the process of creating it~ Share it if you do like it. It will helps a ton to spread the words! I share this post not only for myself, but also to share ideas to you in hope you get inspiration to make your own costume!

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Thank you so much for reading! Without you, this blog will never grow.

Have a great great day~


Love, peace, and courage



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