DIY Judy Hopps Costume (FINAL PART) – Vest, Gloves, Waist Bags


Finally the final part of this Judy Hopps costume DIY series! Yeaay~ Finally final final final~ I know I know, what am I thinking to post a hard DIY at the day when we should have the costume already?! It’s not a last minute DIY, Bonch! *ugh

But I’m still excited and pleased that finally I can finish this costume! Yeay! I hope you don’t mind about my posting schedule (even though there’s no one .-.), and still can enjoy this post no matter what.

Happy Halloween~

DIY Judy Hopps Gloves

Materials needed:

💜 Black faux leather
💜 Gray felt
💜 Velcro straps
💜 Scissors
💜 Sewing machine/needle and threads

DIY Judy Hopps Gloves

1. First measure your leather. I measured it with my hand. Get your wrist circumference for the top edge, and the middle of your arm circumference for the bottom edge. Make it like a trapezoid. Then sew velcro strap on both side.

2. Now fold it right side together, and sew the rest of the side (not the top and bottom where we’ll insert our hand).

3. Flip it right side out, then glue two long rectangle pieces of gray felt on the center of our gloves.

And done~

Handmade Judy Hopps Gloves


DIY Judy Hopps Vest

Materials needed:

💜 Black faux leather
💜 Zipper
💜 Paper
💜 Scissors
💜 Sewing machine/needle and threads

DIY Judy Hopps Vest Pattern

First we need to make the patterns. I trace my sweater tank on a paper and mark where the top and bottom should end. It ends like a crop top. For the front part, make half of heart shaped curve. If you want to see how I made it, you can watch the video tutorial here.

DIY Judy Hopps Vest

1. After we have the patterns. Copy the pattern to the faux leather. But don’t forget to add seam allowance like in the picture above. For the front part, fold the leather first and then copy the pattern into it. The curve is placed on the folded side. So you’ll have a heart shaped leather pieces later. For the back part, copy it twice. So you’ll have two leather pieces of back part.

2. Then place the back parts on top of the front part, with right side facing together. Sew them together at the 1 inch seam allowance.

DIY Judy Hopps Vest

3. Now, add bias thingy. I kind of hard to explain for me. And I’m not a professional tailor as well, so the bias is not neat but still looks fine, at least to me. So what I did is cut a long long piece of leather, the longer the better and with 2 inches wide. I place it on the bottom of body part with right side facing and sew it.

4. Then I fold all of bottom edges inward on the wrong side of leather, and sew it. Now the bottom part doesn’t have raw edges anymore.

TIPS: If you work with sticky leather like me, use talc powder! It really helps to make the leather not sticky anymore and will slide on the sewing machine easily. Works wonder!

5. Do the bias thingy again for the upper part. *ugh I hate bias. Then it’s time to add zipper! Sew the zipper! If you have any excess, just fold it inward and sew with handstitches.

DIY Judy Hopps Vest

No! We’re done yet..

6. Make the shoulder straps! I forgot my measurement, it’s up to you. It’s a long rectangle. How long? As long as it fits your chest-to-shoulder-to-back part (with seam allowance). How wide? Up to you, but don’t forget to cut it twice the wide we want + seam allowance. Then fold that piece with right side facing and sew all edges except one for opening. Then flip it right side out, and top stitch it.

Make two straps!

7. Then attach it to the body part with hand stitches. Unless your sewing machine can survive thick layers.

8. If you used talc powder like me, you can clean your vest with a damp towel.

And done~ *fiuh..

I know the vest is not perfect. Bulkiness everywhere~ haha. It’s a learning process and I’m still proud!

Handmade Judy Hopps Vest


DIY Judy Hopps Waist Bag

Materials needed:

💜 Black faux leather
💜 Veclro straps
💜 Buttons
💜 Scissors
💜 Black felt
💜 Sewing machine/needle and threads

DIY Judy Hopps Waist Bag

1. First, cut two leather pieces (measurement in the picture above).

2. Take the smaller one, then fold a bit the top side to the wrong side. Sew it. Yeah, the point is to hide raw edges.

3. Then place it on top of the longer pieces, right side facing one another. And sew them together, leaving the top side open.

4. Flip it right side out. Then fold all raw edges inward and sew them. After that, glue velcro straps.

5. Cut a long of black felt. Glue the center onto the back of our waist bag. Add velcro straps as well. This is useful for attaching to a belt.

6. Add button for decoration.

And done!!!

I made only two of these even though Judy has many of them. Then just attach them to your black belt. Woohoo!

Handmade Judy Hopps Waist Bag

Now wear all Judy Hopps props and costume!

**photos have been removed due to my privacy thingy has changed**

The blue shirt is thrifted, and I just wear my blue denim pant for the bottom. If you want to see the full look, watch my video tutorial while you can watch a clearer how-to at once.

If you miss the first and second part of this series, this is it:

DIY Judy Hopps Costume PART 1

DIY Judy Hopps Costume PART 2

The series is officially over! Thank you so much for being able to get through this with me. I hope you get inspiration and ideas from this DIY. Share this post! I’m sure it will be helpful to others as well. And leave me your comment or question in the comment box below~

Also follow this blog so you won’t miss my future post! This blog will full of kawaii DIY~

Thank you so much for reading!

See you on my next post and happy Halloween! Have a blast!

Love, peace, and courage



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  1. Wow! Where did you take those pictures? The background looks so beautiful! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Btw off-topic but I like how you edit the 2nd result picture to make it seem like the middle part is seamless. Neat-o!
    (PS: tell me more about this ‘bias’ thingy the next time we meet up!)

    1. Hmm where did I.. where was it… where did I.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Waa thank you, Kerosuke! It kinda hard to make it seamless. I’m still thinking it is unclean ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ. So glad it worked at least to you!
      (Hahaha I will!)

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