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diy anime eye patch for cosplay

diy anime eye patch for cosplay

Hi! This is a requested DIY! DIY eye patch for cosplay! Iyeay!

Interesting story, a day before this DIY eye patch was requested, me and Raffee (my bestfriend) actually have thought about this idea for me to make. Yup. I often consult her for ideas or just ranting that I ran out of ideas, whenever I have a chance ahaha. So it was like, what? Coincidence enough? Haha. I don’t really believe in coincidence. There is just necessity (familiar with this line? Tell me in the comment section below!).

I found this DIY eye patch is really easy to make. So I pick this idea now in the middle of my lazy-to-film-or-take-a-photo hehe.

But.. I forgot that I don’t have small white elastic around! *gasp

And because there’s no time anymore for me to buy those white elastic, I tried to find the alternative. Luckily.. I have two earloop masks!! So lucky!!! And I have exactly two!! That’s all I need! Thank you! So I cut those tiny white elastic from those masks. If you are prepared to make this eye patch, be sure to use regular white elastic instead. I think it’s better than this mask elastic.

So get ready to close one of your eyes!

DIY Eye Patch Material

diy anime eye patch for cosplay

This is what we’ll need:

Disclosure: I make a commission for purchases made through the link to that is linked on my material list 🙂

DIY Eye Patch Fabric Measurement

My fabric measurement:

  • 2,5″ square of cotton (2 pieces)
  • 1,5″ square of felt (1 piece)

Elastic: actually it depends on your face. But this is my earloop mask elastic measurement reference for your regular elastic.

  • 6.5″ (one)
  • 13″ (one)

DIY Eye Patch Tutorial

diy anime eye patch for cosplay

  1. I cut three elastic from two earloop masks.
  2. Cut the cotton squares.
  3. Glue the elastic on the side of square (at the right side of fabric). One elastic for each side. Remember, to put the elastic inside the square. For the longer one, it won’t fit, so I suggest put where it’s tailing on one side only.
  4. Then cover it with another cotton square with right side facing the right side. Then sew 1/4″ from edge, for all round the edges but leave enough opening where the the elastic tail is.
  5. I trimmed all the corner for sharper edges later. Trim near the seams, but don’t cut the seams!
  6. Turn it right side out. Then insert the felt to the inside.
  7. Close the opening. Then because I use earloop elastic, the longer one is not joined yet. So I joined them by sewing.
  8. This is optional but I like to top stitch it near the edges about 1/4″ from the edge, all the way around. It made the eye patch looks like a bandage.

And done~

diy anime eye patch for cosplay
I look like I have toot ache here. Hmm.. but I’m not.

By the way.. I just realized after I edit the photos and video.. that.. I wore it not entirely right! I wore it not high enough! I supposed to wear the elastic above my eyebrow. That’s why I felt so uncomfortable keeping my eyes open while I was wearing it. Ugh. Lesson learned. Ahahaha.

So that’s all for me for now. I hope you get inspiration from this post! Share it if you like it.

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a wonderful day!


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