DIY Cookie Book Cover

DIY cookie book cover finished

DIY cookie book cover

Woot woot! A brand new DIY!! Today I’m presenting you a back to school DIY!

I know I’m not a student in school anymore. But some of you want a back to school DIY ideas, and I want to help. So here it is~

By the way, I used a non fiction book instead a notebook here ahaha. Because I don’t have a big notebook like those school notebook to DIY for. So what I can use is this for my model. Use this DIY as inspiration and use your notebook instead hehe.

Let’s start~

What you need:

  • notebook
  • craft foam (brown)
  • highlighters
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • pencil or marker

DIY cookie book cover instructions 1

  1. Get your notebook. (such an explanation bonch..).
  2. Measure how much you need the craft foam to cover your book.
  3. Cut it.
  4. Place the book

DIY cookie book cover instructions 2

5. Glue the craft foam to the cover with hot glue.

6. Cut the excess. But leave some millimeters I guess, so it looks like the crackers has the paper filling.

7. Don’t forget the back cover~

8. Start dotting and pressing with anything circle. I tried pressing it with the tip of marker. Just anything circle to make the holes looks like a biscuit. I don’t know actually if this will stay on the craft foam haha. But experimenting never hurts.

DIY cookie book cover instructions 3

9. Don’t forget the back cover~

10. Next make a biscuit word with pencil. Pressing it down hard to the craft foam.

11. Then use highlighters to color the side of the paper. I wanted to make it looks like the cream filling has color/flavour haha, hence why..

12. Done~

DIY cookie book cover finished

I also make a DIY emoji pencil case. But it’s on my Youtube channel. You can watch it below:

Material that I used for the pencil case:

  • Fabric (I recycle a t-shirt from my clothing line, I used the defect one so It doesn’t waste).
  • Black felt for the face.
  • Zipper
  • All purpose glue
  • Sewing supplies
  • Marker, scissors, and ruler

Material that I used for eraser DIY:

  • eraser
  • pink carton paper
  • lace
  • all purpose glue
  • scissors

Thar’s all for today! I hope you get inspirations and as always,

Have a wonderful day!

Peace, love, courage,



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  1. Wow this is the best book cover I’ve ever seen! I want to eat it!

    1. Eat it Espresso~ eat it~ (/-w-)/

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