DIY Backpack Decoration Ideas! – Back to School

DIY Backpack Decoration - Back to School


AaaaaaI know it’s late! Aaaaa!! I have done this DIY for about.. more than a week I guess.. and I finally posted this DIY backpack in this blog..I think most of you guys have been back to school.. But better late than never, I still want to post this DIY backpack decoration in my blog! Ha! Even though I didn’t attend school anymore, I like wearing a backpack so I decided to decorate them and show them to you! I hope you get the ideas! ^^

Wiiuiuiuiui~ *flying*

1. Doodled Denim Backpack


DIY Denim Backpack Decoration


If you have been with me for so long, you may know one of the most popular post that I have (I love that post so much). It’s a how to make a backpack from your denim pants (jeans). This backpack was so plain that I have to get an idea of how to make it looks cute. Because I love drawing and painting, I decided to showcase my hobby on it. Yep. Doodling! Even though, this was my first time doodling with paint.. Ganbarimasu~!

Let’s start!


Paint and brush to decorate your backpack


I use acrylic paint for this project. I think fabric paint works better and dry better. But I don’t have it, and the cost is really expensive for me to buy a fabric paint. Not to mention it’s not easy to find. I don’t know in your country though.


Doodling and decorate a denim backpack


So, I just start doodling anything that I want to draw on my backpack. Really, anything! From a girly touch to nerd and abstract thing. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

I painted on the front and back side, but I didn’t paint the strap. Don’t forget to wait it to dry before painting on the other side.


Denim backpack flap


Then, I want to add a girly touch to it. Lace. Ruffle. Ahh.. so me.. So I glue on ruffle lace on the flap with hot glue.

Tips: Before gluing, put on a double sided tape, then glue on top of that. This will make it easier for you to remove the lace, If you want to change of course hehe.


DIY Doodled Denim Backpack - back side - decoration
The back of the backpack
DIY Doodled Denim Backpack - front side - decoration
The front of denim backpack


Yeay I love it sooo muchhh!! Can’t wait to actually wear this backpack!


2. Cute Animal Backpack


Giraffe patterned backpack - my highschool backpack


This idea is so cute…

I used my high school backpack. It has a dark brown giraffe pattern on it (or not?). Because of that, I want to make this backpack looks like a kawaii giraffe!!

If you want to apply this idea, you don’t have to have a patterned backpack. Plain colored backpack works fine! For example, White backpack can be made into panda, cat, bear, etc. Yellow backpack can be made into a chick or duck. But if you don’t know what animal to make, just choose a bear. Because nowadays, bear (mascot) can be in a any color. You can see pink bear, blue bear, green bear, just.. any color.. Even though maybe that bear will looked sick..

I’m kidding! No…

By the way, adjust this idea for your animal ^^


DIY animal backpack supplies


So for this idea, you’ll need:
– Felt (with the same color as your backpack, black, and white).
– Pillow stuffing.
– Scissors.
– Hot glue.
– Needle and threads.


DIY animal backpack step1


1. First thing first, draw the face pattern and its ear.
2. Cut the pattern out.
3. For the eyes and mouth, just cut the felt according to the pattern.
4. For the horns, cut the felt with addition just on the bottom part (2 pairs).
5. For the ears, cut them with additional felt on every side. Because we will stuff them with stuffing (2 pairs).
6. Then, cut the ear pattern smaller, and cut a lighter felt for inside ear (see the above picture).


DIY animal backpack step2


7. Then glue the lighter felt to the darker one.
8. Sandwich the ears with right side facing one another and glue on the edge but leave the bottom part unglued.
9. Turn the ears right side out.
10. Stuff them.
11. For the horns, I only sandwiched and glued them together. I suggest insert a wire before gluing, to make the horn stand up better.
12. After that, glue the eyes and mouth onto the backpack.


DIY animal backpack step3


13. Next, mark where the ears are going to be placed on the backpack.
14. Use a scissors or x-acto knife to cut the mark and make a hole.
15. Insert the ear, and sew them with the backpack. Before I realize I have to sew them, I used a hot glue to attach it. But.. It didn’t work perfectly. I constantly burnt my fingers because it’s so hot! So.. I suggest to sew instead of gluing.
16. And yeah because I glued it before, it leaves many ugly marks. Glue marks..
17. To cover it, I use a fabric marker with the closest color and cover it. It worked, though. Hehe.


DIY Kawaii Animal Backpack - Giraffe


Lalala~ The kawaii animal backpack is ready to enjoy your piggyback ride!

3. Candy Color Studed Backpack


DIY Leather Backpack


This.. leather backpack.. or should I say meant to be backpack.. Yeah I just use this as my model for the idea. It’s a long story haha.


Colorful Studs - Painted


I painted my studs with acrylic paint (spray paint it for faster method).


How to Paint Studs


To make it easier to paint, stab it on a foam first.


Candy Color Studs


My backpack material is to thick to stab the studs. So, I bend them first.


DIY Candy Color Studed Backpack


and I glued them with hot glue..


DIY Candy Color Studed Leather Backpack - the flap


on the flap..


DIY Candy Color Studed Leather Backpack - the strap


and also on the straps.


DIY Candy Color Studed Leather Backpack


It looks fun and cool!


DIY Backpack Decoration - Back to School - Doodled Denim, Animal, Studed


Yeaaaay new backpack! Ahahaha ^^

My favorite one is the animal one. It’s so cute, I can’t stand it (Oh I can).

Hmm.. Maybe that’s all for now. I can’t write long enough like the usual, I don’t know why.. But I hope you get the inspiration, ideas, and enjoy this DIY backpack decoration post! Leave me your comment for your thoughts, because I’d love to know.

I’ll see you on my next post!


Peace and love,



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  1. I like the Giraffe bag. It reminds me of me.

    Keep crafting. I am Giraffe.

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  3. I'm the real giraffe!

    I love that giraffe bag btw! If you sell it, you'll definitely gain a lot of profit!

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