DIY 5 Bow Ideas for Those of You Who Obsessed with Bows!

DIY hair bows - 5 ideas!



Hello hello everyone! It’s me Bonita! Or just call me Bone! 😀 😀 😀

Okay.. there’s a lot happened before I posted this. Mid test, family problems, self problems, wait.. what? no no no. I’m kidding. I don’t have any problem with my self. *finger crossed*. Being negative is really exhausting. But sometimes I just can’t help it. I couldn’t shield myself and I completely lose it. The next thing I knew, I became my naughty mode. Or “don’t care” mode.

So, yeah you know you kind of have many characters within yourself. I called it mode or mood. For example, the normal one you are a calm person that tends to obey the rule. But for some occasion, you become your naughty side, or spoiled side, or your child side. It’s normal. My best friend, Rachel also told me that it’s normal to have various sides of self, everybody has it. So no, it’s not a multiple personality. It is normal!

But how did it relate with this DIY, Bon? Hahaha. Actually there is no relation whatsoever. But I was styling these bows just for fun. Then I realized that the styles represent me for my various sides (mood) of self. Not for all, though. But the majority one. I had a fun time styling it :3

If you are obsessed with bow like I am. You wont’ be satisfied with basic normal bow. So, let’s have fun making and decorating your bow!

This is my first tutorial of bow, ever! Even though my blog’s name is I Wear a Bow, I never made a DIY bows until this post was made. So, here it is! Kyaaaaaaa (>u<)/

1. Basic DIY Bow


DIY hair bows - basic hair bows


This is the basic one. No decoration. If you know how to make a basic bow, you can skip this part :3

You’ll need:
– Fabric
– Scissors
– Glue gun


DIY hair bows - basic hair bows tutorial


For the bigger rectangle (Bow Body):
1. Fold one length side to the center. Apply glue on the edge line.
2. Then fold the other length side to the center, over the glue and stick on it.
3. Now apply glue on the edge of width side. Fold it to the center.
4. Do the same with another side.

For the smaller rectangle (Bow Wrapper):
5. Fold the length side to the center. Apply glue on the edge line.
6. Then fold the other length side to the center, over the glue and stick on it.
Deja vu? Yeah it’s the same like the previous instruction, except not all side will be folded.

7. Pinch the body. I used glue on every pinches so it will stay that way.
8. Grab the wrapper and place it on the center of the body. Wrap it around the center.
9. Stick it with glue.
10. Cut the excess

And you have the basic bow! ^o^


DIY hair bows


2. Simple Lace Bow


DIY hair bows - lace bow


The second one is my favorite. It is so simple yet so cute. Decorated with only lace. Bow and lace? I’m obsessed with both of them 😛

So for decoration:
– Just lace trim


DIY hair bows - lace bow tutorial


1. Same with previous tutorial for the body, except don’t apply glue on both of width side. Apply glue only on the last width side. You can see an opening because of it. Then trim the lace. Stick the lace inside of the opening.
2. Do it for both side.
3. Pinch.
4. and wrap

Easy? Yes, it is! Cute? I couldn’t agree more! 😛


DIY hair bows - lace bow tutorial


3. Daisy Bow


DIY hair bows - daisy bow


Daisy bow for the third. Daisy daisy, say that you love me. Fool me fool me, go on and fool me~


For decoration:
– White felt
– Yellow felt
– Pencil

or you can buy daisy appliques in the craft store. But I’ll show you how to make it yourself.


DIY hair bows - daisy bow tutorial


1. Draw daisy petals on white felt.
2. Cut the daisies.
3. Cut a circle on yellow felt. This is for daisy disks.
4. Glue the disk on the petal.
5. Prepare a white bow.
6. Stick the daisies everywhere on the bow.

That’s it! So simple, right? Daisy Daisy, say that you need me~


DIY hair bows - daisy bow tutorial


4. Rose Bow


DIY hair bows - rose bow


Roooose! Hey rose, you’re the fifth!

Have the same method with Daisy Bow. Except we do it with ribbon rose this time.

For decoration:
– ribbon rose (buy or make it, there’s a ton of tutorial for making it).


DIY hair bows - rose bow tutorial


1. Prepare the ribbon rose and the bow. I suggest the bow has the same color with the rose. Don’t follow me. I’m just being lazy hehe.
2. Glue the roses all over the place on the bow.

Yeaaaaay! It’s so easy to give the instruction for this! Hehehehe 😛

5. Bow on Bow


DIY hair bows - tartan bow


The last one is Bow on Bow. The idea is put a smaller bow on top of bigger bow.

For decoration:
– Another contrast but still match fabric for smaller bow.


DIY hair bows - tartan bow tutorial


DIY hair bows - tartan bow tutorial


Well prepare the bigger body, smaller body, and the wrapper, using the first tutorial. Then place the smaller body on the bigger body. Pinch and wrap. Hehe.


DIY hair bows


Glue a clip on the back of bow, so you can use it for a hair accessories. But you can use it however you want 🙂 Yeaaay!


DIY hair bows


DIY hair bows

Leave me a comment below. I would love to read and reply it.

I will talk to you on next post (and on comment of course :3).


Peace and Love,

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  1. Oooo! I saw my name in the beginning! Wohooooo! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
    Love the bows so much, Boncch! ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) Especially the red and white one!
    As for your mood, I really like the sweet one! Kyaaa so cute! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
    By the way, I see you own a pair of glasses! Are you gonna wear them when you cosplay as Mary later?

  2. Wohoooo!
    Thank you thank you thank you, Ruuuuf!
    The sweet one.. kyaaaa *blush*
    No, Ruf! That glasses has red wine color. Mary's glasses is black. So I will buy a new one, without prescription hahaha.

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