Denim and Backpack Transformation

I want to share about what I’ve done to my white jeans and backpack. Oh yeah, I’m so sorry that I don’t have the before pictures. Maybe you can imagine about what their look like. Hmm… I guess you have to look at the after pictures too. Scroll this page yeaaaah! No no no. I’ll show the after pictures to you yeeei.

Casanova’s design on Project Runway Season 8 Episode 5
Do you like watching Project Runway? I like it. Noooo, I love it. But I just have watched season 8, 10, and All Star season 1. If I find a design that attracts me, I’ll snapshot it and save it in my inspiration folder. This picture above is one of Casanova’s design on season 8. I love it and I thought I can refashion my white jeans with this inspiration.
 What I’ve done to my white jeans which was given by my mother is just studded it on the side of my jeans. It’s simple isn’t it? I didn’t pleat the fabric like casanove did, unless I want my jeans shorter than before. I marked some dots before I studded. Oh ya, this is important, don’t use studs that made from iron. Because it can be rusty after you wash it.
Now, it’s time for my backpack to show. Yeeeeiiy! I have this backpack for a long time, and I’m getting bored with it. This is the only backpack that still working (even the zippers usually doesn’t want to compromise). I have seen a few girls that has same backpack too, Oh no! I want to save this backpack! As you can see from my blog’s url, I really like bows (or ribbons). So, I decided to give my backpack a bow. Luckily, I found this bow from my old broken belt. I wanted to glue a safety pin on my bow with a hot glue, so I can wear and remove it later. But it just didn’t work. Maybe I have to search for a big safety pin. So, instead using safety pin, I just sewed it on my backpack. Furthermore, I use stuuuuuds! It looks more cool and cute right?
Pictures of me wearing my white jeans (left) and my backpack (right)
I’m going to face mid-tests, so I won’t make a post for about two weeks. Wish me luck, and also wish me can do it right. Ayeah!

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