Change of Plan

I have said before that I want to make my own clothing line. And on that previous post, I said that as starter, I will sew the clothes by myself. But, I change my plan.

I rethought about my previous plan. If I sew all the clothes alone, It will be too long to make many clothes. I guess I can only sew one dress for a week. A week! Well you guys can calculate how many clothes that I can make for a month, and then how expensive the price would be, considering the amount of time I put to make the clothes. Because it’s a business not a hobby. So the amount of time to make it will be charged by the clothes price. And I need to value myself right? I don’t work for free. Because I believe I give my value through it.

But because I know that “who the hell want to buy ready to wear clothes with a very expensive price that is made by a self taught unpopular designer and even not a fashion design school graduate who is just starting…”


That’s why I change my plan. Now I didn’t made the clothes by myself. I outsource. Just the production process (the design is still from me). From home based dressmaker/tailor/sewer (or whatever they called). Or, I outsource from a small workshop (not a big one like factory). I’m still producing with small scales. And even if I want to produce in a mass, I don’t want to use big factory, unless I’m sure that the workers work in a healthy place and with a good wage.

Hmm.. I think that’s all I want to write about haha. Because I don’t want anybody misunderstand the production process of my clothing line later. But I will try to be as transparent as possible to the consumer about the production.

Okay that’s all for now.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Love, peace, and courage,



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