Back to School DIY Denim Backpack from Old Jeans

DIY Denim Backpack from Old Jeans


I don’t know if it’s late or not for back to school diy. Because in my country, Indonesia, school has already started from a couple of weeks ago. University hasn’t started yet, and we still have one or two months for holiday, or more. But can we just said that university is a school too? Yeah I always think like that, I don’t know. We study at University too, what’s the different? I know several differences, but I still think that University is a school too. My friend also told me some differences between high school and college/university that I never realized before. I think it’s not that late for school in another country, and at least school in my country will have another holiday in a few more days yeeaay :D.

I wanted to do this project for a long time ago, but never be brave enough to do it. I’m afraid to cut my jeans, even though I know this jeans will never be worn again. But I will never know the result if I never try it. So, I finally did it. Let me show you what I did with this old jeans and make a DIY denim backpack! Hooray!

First thing first, you will need:
– Old jeans
– Needle and threads or sewing machine
– Fabric chalk
– Scissors
– Velcro straps
– Ribbon or any string



DIY Denim Backpack Tutorial


1. Mark where you want to cut your jeans, use your backpack length to guide you.
2. Add 1 cm from the mark for seam allowance, and then cut the jeans.
3. Cut around the inside leg.


DIY Denim Backpack from Jeans Tutorial


4. Flip the jeans inside out, then fold it sidewise like in the picture above.
5. Sew where the marks are.


DIY Denim Backpack from Jeans Tutorial


6. Now unfold it, and you see the front part. Sew the bottom part. Sew it a little bit curvy at the points like in the picture above.


DIY Denim Backpack from Jeans Tutorial


7. Next, flip the jeans inside so you face the right side of the jeans. Pinch the jeans like in the picture. This is for guiding you to make holes.
8. Then mark a line for a hole. Flip the pinch, and mark again. Flip the pinch again, and mark, this is the last for the left side. Make sure all the marks is at the same line, imagine it when you insert a string in it. Do this for the other side.
9. Cut the marks to make holes. I folded the mark in half then cut with scissors.


DIY Denim Backpack from Jeans Strap Tutorial


10. Now we have to make straps. Use the scraps from this jeans, the leg part. Be sure to just use one part. You will need the other part later.
11. My straps are 23 cm x 3,5 cm. First cut two strips with width 9 cm (7 cm from 2×3,5 cm + seam allowance). I know the leg part is not long enough for backpack straps, so I cut two for each straps. When this two strips are connected, the length must be the length of the straps you want. Don’t forget seam allowance every edges.
12. Face the right side together, sew these two strips together to make one strap.
13. After that, fold the strip lengthwise with right side facing each other and then sew.
14. Do this to make another strap.


DIY Denim Backpack - Adding Strap Tutorial


15. Next step is to put on the straps to backpack. Pin it where you want it to be, then sew. Look at the picture to help you. You can see your existing backpack for the place. Before you sew it, it’s better to test it how it looks.



16. With another scrap of jeans leg, we want to make the closure. First, place the scrap to the backpack to see where we should cut it. Then mark, and cut. Don’t forget seam allowance.
17. Flip it inside out, then sew. Leave some inches for flipping.
18. Flip inside out again, then sew the gap.
19. Sew it on to wrong side of the backpack, overlapping the sewn straps. Don’t overlap the holes.


DIY Denim Backpack from Jeans


20. Sew or glue velcro straps to the closure. If you use glue, please use fabric glue (I found uhu textile glue at Gramedia Matraman, Jakarta).
21. Insert ribbon or any string (ex. shoe string)  to the holes.
22. Pull the string. The backpack should has been pinched like we did before.
23. Tie the string, close the backpack, and…. there you have jeans backpack!Hooraaay! Throw the confetti!


DIY Denim Backpack from Jeans Pants

I think this is my favorite project so far. How is my backpack turned out? You can decorate it if you want like I did in here.

Do you like this project? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below. But don’t forget to click the publish button hehe. Don’t worry, I won’t bite you 😛

Stay tuned for next back to school ideas. I will make a list of my favorite back to school diys that I found (or will find) on the internet. If you have a back to school diy, you can share your link to me 😀



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14 Replies to “Back to School DIY Denim Backpack from Old Jeans”

  1. Lovely! Making bags out of jeans is so much fun 🙂 I'm going to do this when my current backpack falls apart

  2. Thank you, Becca! :D. It really is fun!

  3. Wow! It came out amazing!

  4. this is just brilliam !!! 😀

  5. wow you such a talented girl!!! super duper love the tuto 🙂

  6. Wow thank you, you are so nice! I hope you enjoy the DIY! 😀

  7. This is AWESOME!! I am gonna try it, like, right now!! You're really creative!!

  8. Thank you so much! Have fun making it! :3

  9. Awesome! I'm so doing this. I love all your other tutorials too!! (especially the cardigan shirt…)
    I've been trying to draw manga for a while, but I can't seem to get the hang of it… any tips?
    Thanks for the idea!!

  10. Aww thank you so much! It really means a lot to me that you like my tutorials.
    As for drawing manga tips, I don't know any special tips. I just try to copy one character that I like, over and over again. Try to draw a face first, start from the eyes. Because eye is crucial for shoujo manga, if you like shoujo :3

  11. SunflowerGirl says: Reply

    This is awesome! I think I'll try lining mine when I make it. 🙂 And I think I'll make the flap rounded as well. I'll let you know how it goes. ^_^ This'll be a good Labor Day weekend project.

  12. Round flap! I think it will be so cuuute! And oh yeah lining will make it looks polished too. Can't wait to see your backpack!! Happy DIYing! (^o^)/

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