Anime DIY – Japanese School Girl Bow Tie

Anime DIY - Japanese School Girl Bow Tie

Hoalo hoalo everyone~!

Who’s here that like Japanese school uniform? Raise your hand ._.

Yep haha I love Japanese school uniform… a lot. The girl uniform, of course. All variation.. I think. Summer or winter uniform.. all of them.. all.. hehe.

The number one that I love so much is.. the bow.. the bow necktie. That girly bow tie is my favorite and I actually like to wear that on casual occasion too, but maybe the smaller one. Because somehow I’m still not confident enough to wear the bigger one (like in this post) for everyday style. Usually I just tie around a wide ribbon to make a bow tie.

I kinda want to make this school girl version. You’ll see this in many school life anime. I want to be a school girl character at least for once (liar! haha). So, I made the costume (suspender skirt, bow tie, hair accessories) to make my dream come true. Japanese school girl wanna be. Ha!

Since I made it, why not show the tutorial in this blog? It’s easy to make! Actually you can make it without sewing too. But, I didn’t use the no sew method. I’m sorry. You can get the idea where to glue if you don’t want to do sewing. My last bow tutorial will help you clearing this post too, so check it out!

Let’s just start crafting!

You’ll need:

Disclosure: I make a commission for purchases made through the link to that is linked on my material list 🙂
needle and threads
sewing machine (optional, just for faster method)
glue gun
– scissors

Anime School Girl Bow Tie DIY - pattern

First thing first, cut fabric into all of these pieces:
1. Main bow: 18×35 cm.
2. Bow tail: 27×13 cm.
3. Tie: 50×6 cm.
4. Centerpiece: 6×11 cm.

Those are my exact measurements. You can alter them however you want. Maybe you want a bigger bow or smaller bow. It is up to you. Just play with it 😉

The Tie


Anime School Girl Bow Tie DIY - tie

1. Grab the tie and fold it with right side facing one another.
2. Then sew all along the edges.
3. Turn it inside out.
4. Sew the opening to close it.

The Centerpiece


Anime School Girl Bow Tie DIY - centerpiece

Actually the step is the same like the tie. Except you don’t have to close the opening.

The Bow Tail


Anime School Girl Bow Tie DIY - bow tail

1. Grab the bow tail. Fold it lengthwise with right side facing.
2. Fold it again width-wise. Then cut a triangular shape on the end.
3. Unfold it once and sew all around the edges but make sure to leave some inches in the middle for opening.
4. Turn it inside out and close the opening.
5. Find the center and pinch it there.
6. Secure it with needle and threads by sewing and tying around that pinched.
7. There you have it the tail, set aside.

The main bow


Anime School Girl Bow Tie DIY - main bow

1. Grab the main bow, fold it lengthwise with right side facing.
2. Sew it lengthwise.
3. Turn it inside out. Fold both of the edges to the center and make them overlapping a little bit.
4. Pinch the center to make a bow shape.
5. Secure it with needle and threads by sewing and tying around, like we did with the tail.
6. Voila! The main bow it here!

It’s time to put altogether~

Putting all together


Anime School Girl Bow Tie DIY - putting it altogether

1. Grab the main bow and tail. Meet their centers together (the main bow above the tail).
2. Make them hugging each other (?) by needle and threads. Yep! Again sewing and tying around to secure it.
3. Grab the tie. Find the center and match it with the bow center. Put the tie above the bow. Then grab the centerpiece and cover the tie and the bow with this centerpiece, by wrapping around the centerpiece at the center. Then if there is any excess, trim it. After that, sew the centerpiece to the bow secure it (on the back of the bow).
4. Lastly, glue velcro on both of the tie.


I also made a detachable suspender skirt to complete the look. I can’t show you the process to make the skirt. But I will give you the trick to make a detachable suspender skirt.

Anime School Girl Bow Tie DIY - Detachable suspender skirt

So, the trick is… yep velcro!

I made the skirt and suspenders separately. Then I sew velcro on every end of suspenders. I also sew velcro on the inside of skirt where the suspenders sit.

Anime School Girl Bow Tie DIY - Detachable suspender skirt trick

Now, I can stick the suspenders to the skirt easily if I want to wear a suspender skirt (overall skirt). And just detach them if I want to wear an ordinary skater skirt. Simple, right? I looooove detachable things!

By the way, a friend told me that using velcro is not secure enough. But I think, using button won’t be comfortable for wearing the only skater skirt. So, we compromised that using small snap buttons will do a great job for alternative (even better).

To complete the look, I wear a ruffly white shirt, the bow tie, the suspender skirt, pigtails with bunny ear hair accessories, white socks, and a black flats.

I wore this school girl costume to AFAID 2015 on Saturday, 26th. Well.. as always, the place is full of crowd on the inside! Not to mention the weather is so hot inside and outside! But I managed to survive hahaha.

I actually forgot to take pictures at AFA, even though I brought my camera.. (oh Bonch..)..

**photos removed because of privacy thingy, sorry**

Detachable Suspender Skirt: handmade
Bow Tie: handmade
Ruffly White Shirt: thrifted
Bendable Usamimi hair accessories: handmade

So that is it for this tutorial! I had fun wearing this looks~

I hope you enjoy this post and get inspirations~. If you do, share this tutorial to the world. Do not hesitate to leave your thoughts or ask me in the comment section below. I’d love to read it and will get back to it as soon as possible 🙂

Have a fun crafting everyone~ Bye! See you on my next post!

Peace and Love,



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