I Wear a Bow is about my hobbies and interests that I want to share with you. I love crafting and sewing. I love to make something creative. The reason of the name I Wear a Bow is because I’m obsessed with bows. Back then, my friends told me that “In Bone’s world, a girl has to wear a bow” because I often draw a bow on a girl character. Since then, I have realized that I actually really like bows, and actually really like to wear it before that jargon is made. In this place you will find my DIYs and also my refashions, and maybe other interests.

My name is Bonita. Call me Bone (read: Bo-ne’). I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was born in 1993. I have been loving to draw since I was little. I learned to draw manga characters from comics that I have. Then I started dreaming to become a manga artist. But not just manga characters that I love to draw, I love to draw scenery, flowers, and many things. I even have dreamed to become a painter. But I think I’m not really into that now.

When I was in junior high school, I started to learn sewing, hand sewing. I made many felt plushies that I don’t know where they are now. I’m sad that I didn’t keep them. From then on, I have been loving to make something. I love crafting. Almost every gift that I gave to my friends are handmade. I thought it’s save my money, because I don’t have to afford expensive thing. But that’s not the actual reason why I make handmade things. I realize that I love it! I love doing it. I also can express my feelings into it, and it’s therapeutic. I’m pleased with my creations. Then I started reading blogs and they taught me about DIY. So in looove with them.

Though I no longer want to become a manga artist now, I still love to draw manga characters, especially their clothes. Oh why, I love seeing their fashion. It’s so cuuute!  Then I learned about cosplay. I’m still learning though. My first cosplay is Tomoyo Daidouji from Card Captor Sakura. It’s my number one favorite anime! Love Syaoran, uups… sorry Sakura. My best friend Rachel became Sakura, and since then we love cosplaying together. You can check her Youtube channel, because she’s so cute, funny, and unique, I always laugh because of her.

Because of cosplaying, I want to make my own costume. Then I started to learn sewing with sewing machine. I’m happy that my grandmother still keep her sewing machine. It’s old and often mad at me, I mean it always acting up. But I must be patient to deal with it and be grateful for what I have.

After all that story, now I want to become a fashion designer. Hmm.. no no.. maybe a DIY-er, or any creative job. Actually, I want to be an entrepreneur who sold handmade things via online or offline. I have a dream to have my own online shop where I could showcase my artworks. I’ll try my best. Ganbarimaaaaasu!

Contact me here or at iwearabow@gmail.com


Peace, love, and courage,