DIY Pastel Color Wire Heart Pendant and Little Star Staff Charm


I have been into pastel colors these days, especially pastel pink, purple, and blue. Pastel colors looks so delicate and adorable. And I don’t know why these three colors reminded me of a baby. So soft like an innocent princess. Not to mention, it’s girly like. Well, I’m a girl and like sweet girly style. It’s not surprising if I like these colors hehe. But of course, these pastel color can be incorporated in none girly style too. However in this post, the DIY is on the girly side.

And magical part.

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Refashion DIY – Transform Sweater into Cat Sweater Tank

DIY Cat Shirt

Another Cat themed DIY? Oh yes!

Today is a refashion DIY. What is refashion DIY? It is where I share how I transform my clothes (either old, secondhand, thrifted, or gifted) into another design (still clothes or maybe another stuff). Kind of sew along, not really a tutorial though. Because not everybody can find the same item. But you can still adjust my steps into your steps. I hope you find this post inspire you to be creative and transform your old clothes into something new!

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How to Make Ribbon Bow + Ribbon Accessories Ideas [DIY Basic]

How to make ribbon bow

Hi! This post was requested by Nanami Nana. I will show you how I made my ribbon bow using ribbon trim. It’s very easy to make and you can make tons of DIY using this. But I will also share 3 accessories ideas that you can make by incorporating these cute ribbon bows!

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DIY Fairy Kei Lollipop Accessories

DIY Pastel Goth Lollipop Accessories

Haiiiiooo~ Today’s them is pastel! (Since when?). I have been googling about fairy kei fashion lately. It is one of Japanese fashion which plays at pastel color, cute accessories (not that many accessories like decora kei). I think the simple version of this fashion can be worn normally in my country. I mean without weird stares from the people passing by. But the simple one. The simple one. Still.. Haha I’m just not confident enough to wear things like that outside.

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