DIY Judy Hopps Costume (PART 1) – Bunny Ears Headband

DIY Judy Hopps's Bunny Ears

Halloween is approaching! Can’t wait to wear a costume again! Even though I know that I won’t wear it in any Halloween party haha. Well I have wanted to share a DIY costume to you for so long, but confused what costume that I should make and share first. Because making costume it’s not easy, let alone photograph and record the process of it. So I want to start with a “simple yet has it’s challenge” costume. Judy Hopps! Yes! That costume looks so cute, so I want to make and wear that as well!

I bet there are many of you who love Zootopia. Honestly.. I don’t. Why? I don’t know, the story just doesn’t resonate to me. I love the idea. I do. But how it was represented.. I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it. I like it but only up to “okay” level. The animation is amazing, like Disney always do. But the story..  Well, I always love Disney animation because the story touches me to the core, so emotional. But Zootopia didn’t. I wonder myself. But yeah, that’s just me, it’s just my opinion. I don’t want to have an argument with Zootopia lovers. Because I respect every opinion you have. I do love Nick Wilde though :3.

Okay now on to the DIY!

This what you’ll need:

DIY Judy Hopps's Ears Supply

Let’s start!


DIY Judy Hopps's Ears Instruction

1. Download the pattern (link on the bottom of this post). Then cut the faux fur and pink felt according to the pattern. I suggest to add seam allowance to faux fur.

Faux fur: 4 pieces        Pink Felt: 2 pieces

WARNING! Before you cut the fur, make sure that fur direction is upward! Because that’s how bunny ears fur is.

DIY Judy Hopps's Ears Instruction

2. Place the pink felt on top of faux fur piece. Then sew along the line. You can sew with blanket stitch (suggested because it has neater look) or sewing machine (what I used, because I was lazy).

3. After that, place another faux fur piece on top of it, facing right side to right side. Then sew along along the line, leaving the bottom part open.

4. Turn it right side out. Then pull the sewn fur out, to make it more natural (well, fur that go inside the sewing line doesn’t have a good look).

5. Cut wire that has the length more than doubled ear length. I know looking at the picture, my wire length isn’t long enough. It was a mistake. But I learn the lesson after that. You will know why we need more than the ear length that is doubled. Don’t forget to make loops at both ends to prevent the wire poking your head!

6. Insert the wire onto the ears.

7. For more 3D look, fold both side to the center and glue it down with hot glue.

DIY Judy Hopps's Ears Instruction

8. You should still have the wire peeking and the bottom of the ears are opened. Close the opening with glue, but with the wire is still peeking. Then attach the ears to your headband. How? By twisting the wire to the headband. I suggest you twist at different direction for each of them. You can see how I did it at my video tutorial.


DIY Judy Hopps's Ears

Different light, different color. HAHA! I should make the color consistent, lesson learned again. Hehe.

So that’s the part one of Judy Hopps costume DIY! I hope I remember to make the rest! Remind me! *hosh hosh..

I hope you like this DIY and can’t wait for the next one, hehe. If you haven’t, you can follow this blog via email or via Gravatar, so you won’t miss any of  my next post!

Well, what costume do you want to wear this year? Let me know in the comment section below!

I’ll see you next post! Yeay!


Peace, love, courage,



Download Juddy Hopps Ear Pattern

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